Gift of Cygnus. Temple of Unique Harmony Manifestation


Light from Light, Sparkle from Sparkle,
Love in Love, we greet you with close embrace.
We, representatives of Cygnus Constellation in Unity of Heart creative,
Are glad to manifest attunement to the expansion of Harmony comprehension. The time has come and energies of new realizations will be easily soaked in, and openness of yours will be helpful for that. Innocence akin to wisdom, openness gives birth to a feeling of security, uniqueness reveals true nature.


Attunements to the energies of the unfolding. Activation of the depth of vision (3rd eye)

A beautiful moment, Beloved Ones, for we again have the opportunity to transmit to you new attunements for the expansion of comprehension and convergence to the Truths, manifestation of brighter and more conscious Light of Heart by you. Life in the multitude of forms and manifestations - sequence of endless cognition of Self/Light/Creator/Being through the experience of particles of ONE... 


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