Divine Integrity, Divine couples and the Abundance of Love

For the deeper understanding we will say in a different way – what was laid as a realization to the ascension for the nearest two years in linearity, has got a Breath of the One Divine Heart and it manifests the rhythm of It. The Beauty of the Divine Eight in its triplicity (08.08.2015) is already painting the scores for the ensembles of new Melody of Life in cocreation with One Heart of the Creation and also manifesting new possibilities of Love. It realizes the Beauty of the renewed Flower of Life and the possibilities for clearing the densest layers of the matrix in matter, including the extraction of those parts of Souls that were previously perceived as lost. Such kind of a process is performed through the depth of your/our realizations, purity of intentions and, certainly, interconnections of Love! This is truly the Great achievement of Spirit, Lightbearers! 

We have already shown you the way of gaining the collective experience of a Monad. We have shown that all is integral and interconnected, it permanently stays in changes and in different combinations of interactions in Giving; one thing constantly flows into another. Now this migration in interconnection has reached the discrete Light, siding the Incessancy. The Key for the memory of Heart is a Light coexistence. Having opened to the Incessancy of the One Breathing of Love, a Lightbearer achieves the understanding/realizing of lesson formerly failed by his other parts (grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, brothers, friends, etc. and the whole others in the expanded Oneness) who have already left this incarnation (life), then the process that we call the “Principle of Light chain of domino” starts. It is the process when a great number of domino’s plates are set around a circle at a short range and the motion of one plate of domino in a Light realization inevitably leads to the motion along the whole circle, closing a cycle. This rule holds both the focus from chain/chains of incarnations (linear growth of Soul – Masculine principle of action) and the numerous of connections, which are weaved like a canvas by whole Monad (an omnitude of Souls interaction – Feminine principle of evolution). Some datemarks of the current processes are only few of key moments for starting a process in discrete Light levels. And, more specifically, this event has been prepared and held by the current moment of transmitted dates and the prerequisites for it were implemented previously. In the unfolding eventfulness inside of the spherical and multileveled time the locks of penetration into the dense world were broken before the represented date while the current moments just execute prepared plan, which we transmit to strengthen the awareness.

 The Beauty of Love Abundance of new spaces more and more unifies with the dense levels and old spaces for temporal coexistence in linear perception. This moment manifests the necessary part of a smooth transition to a cocreated and expanded canvas of the next cycle. For deeper understanding, Lightbearers, we can say in other words, the world of obsolete forms and rules is being covered with a pellucid and clear paper (tracing) of future implementations – a new world, where every Creator and CoCreator draws his own pictures of life-being. The characteristics of new spaces have qualitatively different indexes. The two worlds, i.e. the world of collapsing references (of separated fragmentary images) and renewed reality (of merged integral images) will be in paralleled progress for some period of time, in a smooth flowing/transforming of one into another. As soon as the necessary conglomerate of transformed Consciousness and images will be established within the Law of the Universe (as a critical mass), this will divide the realities. We have previously told in our messages that current playground for the experience is not supported any longer (the decaying Melody of Life) and it will not be supported further. However, it will exist alongside with the processes of ascension for some time (in a linear perception), nourished by those, who still support the experience of separation. But we will note again that even in such opening/focus of process this experience is declared as decaying what means unifying with “Zero matter level” and erasing. The ground which now is named as renewed (Earth format 3.2) later should be stratificated in gradual Light evolution/ascension in Spirit. We will be  happy in process of readiness of space to disclose these processes further.

Now, Beloved, it is necessary to recall your memory about the world that originally being created as Abundant and constantly moving/changing. At the same time the world should provide the possibilities to implement and manifest the experience, since instability, in particular, creates the evolution. This is how the cocreative union of Father and Mother works; while the Feminine aspect strives for transformations and instability, Masculine one strives for realization and fixation. It is your/owr permission to balance the Masculine and Feminine aspects (namely the past and the future, light and dark) allow the flows of the Abundance energy to run and implement or, on the contrary, to stall by obsolete ideas and beliefs. When the Masculine principle prevails over the Feminine, the flows of Abundance are blocked by the conceptions of past. If the Feminine principle dominates over the Masculine, the energy of Abundance can not be fixed, because of its high fluidity and it vanishes without implementation. That is why the memories about the Original Integrity and the immersion of two principles gain a special priority at the current moment.

Let us consider this process in more expanded way in multiple you/us. Disunity is no longer supported by the renewed spaces; therefore any creation on the playground of this experience is effected only through the union and mutual additions of disclosed/being disclosed Uniqueness in Divine Integrity. You interchange the energy of Divine Light with each other, thereby you fill yourselves with that missing characteristics of Light Uniqueness in your isolated field, because of the unique experience of every Soul, and then in equilibrium you fill others. For example - and to uncover the deepest memory, using the frames of conditions we may say the following: liver performs the function of blood purification, lungs inhale the air and use the process of breathing to support the body. They are integral and consist of a myriads of cells. But at the same time they are not integral, because they are accompanied with the other organs of body: heart, kidney etc.

Every small part has the answers for the perception of big/whole. The Truths are everywhere; all you need is just to allow yourself to open your Heart to Them. The unification of Uniquenesses and the Oneness of Uniquenesses are the Keys and instruments for co-Creation of a great number details in new spaces. We are delighted to tune you to the memory of Heart and further we will also uncover the rhythms of conscious co-Creation of new images, Wonderful ones.

 We are broadcasting now from the Sphere of Incessancy and it means that we are in the rhythms of constant Breathing of Love and Oneness. As the formation of threads of co-Creation of Love have taken place, so the ones who were declared for the Creative and co-Creative Unique realization have built (or keep on building) the Light Cocoons of the Divine Essence manifestation. And then the important moment of recalling the memory about the Divine Couples comes up, as well as the understanding of the Divine Integrity. There is a necessity to emphasize that formation of such threads was laid before and they are still being laid with the rise to the Divine Incessancy in its whole entirety.

However, some of the Beautiful you/us had had these co-Creative rhythms before the moment of One start of these rhythms. It was running through the closure of spaces of Consciousness (like the the tracing paper overlay) that we previously showed you. In this case the Divine Incessancy was supported by the structures of Monad for the unique experience and Gift to all. In fact, these are those pioneers, who laid the Beauty of the Divine Cocreation realizations, strengthened the potential not only of each other but also of the whole Monadic Tree/Trees in expansion.

It is reasonable to note here that in the discrete Light levels mutual interlacings of experiences of Monads (we have broadcast about it in earlier messages) were also carried out and still are carried out by the Divine co-Creative couples. For such processes it has always been necessary a priori as it is necessary to have an Anchor in a depth of Light manifestation, in other words, it is necessary to have an open, ever-moving and joined to the wholeness structure of the multidimensional torus of Alpha-Omega.

And again, it is important to draw your attention to the fact that such co-Creations support the required and interpenetrating rhythms, but not always till/to the biological body. We wish to say that in such processes the physical union of bodies might be, or not, as far as the current process largely depends on the goal assigned to the couple, but the vibrational merging is essential and now we will tell about it. Some purposes imply the union of the physical bodies, such rhythms are regulated by the processes of missions entrusted  to the united Souls in the Divine union. And for some couples of the Divine Union it is enough to bring the process to the level, close to the dense body (the subtle bodies of a biological body) so, there is no need in a physical merging of bodies. In processes of such kind the motivation has always been and still is paramount, that is why structures of such pioneer’s experiences were carefully supervised by numerous representatives of Higher Aspects and supported by the Beauty of Spirit experience of the whole Monad, including incarnated aspects.

As the start of co-Creative rhythm of One Consciousness of Love, at the linkage of spaces in non-linearity, was marked as accomplished one and registered in fields, we see the necessity to focus your attention on the Divine Cocreation structure – Divine Integrity and Divine couple. Nevertheless, in a present moment we consider it possible and needed to manifest and stabilize the foundation of these conceptions for the anchoring/fixation. There is no needed “cushion pad” of accepting the images of Truth for the purity of their realization in present. However, exactly this monolithic, pure and True base in the course of building/ascending is a foundation for our beautiful and holistic home, Lightbearers. Moments of distortion are attended with the deepest immersion into the discrete Light levels, i.e. extra discharged polarization, as a result of this the Fire of Cocreation was significantly limited/pinched/wrapped. As the Feminine (transforming) aspect was abased, so the Masculine (realizing) one was suffer devastation as well, since everything is integral initially, including the visible separation. We have already uncovered these moments in our messages.

The one, who was born to give, creates the vector of Creation manifestation – that is how the Masculine aspect work.  The one, who was born to accept, creates the fullness of realization, nourishing the Creation of two in the integrity of realization and give birth to a Child. If the energy of co-Creation initially comes from a Masculine aspect as an accepting energy (for example, if the sexual energy is used for satisfaction) then the depletion Spirit occurs. So, instead of receiving of the energy for the Creation evolution a great return arises and as a result of it – the destruction. That is the principle of co-creative motives – the Masculine part gives while the  Feminine accepts and enriches with fluidity  and then transforms it in a moment of realization (birth of a Child). We can change the focus of present things and show it in other way – the past (Masculine principle) flows into the future, taking the dream potential (Feminine principle), and gives birth to “Now” moment. Basically this Knowledge is not new for the levels of high discreteness of Light; however, within the experience of separation the Greatest Power of Creation (the sexual energy for the Spirit’s Creation) was locked. We are glad to have this opportunity to manifest in you the memory about True Images of Love Creation! And again we glorify the Beauty of Love in Her full and true might of manifestation at the end of the most complicated experiences of separation, Radiant ones!

So, Wonderful Lightbearers, the big reflects the small and the small contains the big, that is why one part of multidimensional images reflects the other. It means that Divine Principles of receiving and taking are the integral construction in fact. It works both in the most subtle fields of Light and at the levels of the material light or, in other words, highly compressed Light. Yes, Beloved, the dense world is nothing, but the Light wave, separated into corpuscles (particles) and unified in different forms by matrix programs, including the frame structures of ether. So, in this version, any physical object is the compressed energy, twisted in accordance with a special Law of God, that is why, when the dense energy transforms in the overlying levels (the levels with less energy compression) the ejection of the Light energy always happens. Reversal is also logical; the creation of a dense matter or its transformation requires a huge number of energy of Love. That’s exactly why, to realize the Dream of Love (we talked about this Dream before) we need a stable and everburning Faith that exists beyond the outer world and the execution timeframes.

 As the levels of ascension are differ in density so the speeds of realization the “Dream” are also different. For we speak about the structures of the substance, giving a foundation for further opening of God-Creator potential, we think it is an important point to be made. The point is that at the current transition/rising/ascension with the initial, huge energy demands for the dense levels transformation, an inverse process will rise with set of the critical mass, the process of energy ejection. This process will gradually and carefully cover with the “healing veil” everything that requires correction, in accordance with the written composition (Divine plan) of Love evolution!

 The principles of delivery and reception take place in a wide range of interactions through the united and continuous torus Breath of Love form Alpha to Omega. Right now and in every single moment it is important to confirm inside of Your True self the Beauties of One Divine Heart in your lifestyle, because exactly this daily manifestation of primal Truth records and attracts new spaces/realities.

Joined couples in the Truth of Love (Divine Couples) are created for a Harmony of co-Creation. They are created in accordance with the Laws of Creation and support the exchange principles with the energies of Love, because any couple is, above all, the Divine union. We would like to say, Lightbearers, that every merging is Divine while the degree of Divine manifestation depends on those who link and support these Breathings of Love.  You need to remember, there is no division as between Beautiful and Luciferous you/us, so among the couples, the only difference exists in the moments of experience realization. We understand that such ideas may not fit with the space characteristics of current “Now”, however, the anchors of Truth as the foundation of any relationships in opened system should be recorded right now. To disclose the theme we may say that any mergings have a potential for realizations or, in other words, the Divinity, because everything always goes in accordance with the Divine Laws, no matter what illusions and ideas are painted in the pictures of game images. As the Divine union of a couple manifests true beauty of Love in merging, as they have passed through the lessons, so is the degree of unfolding the Divine potential of realization. The brightness of the Divine couple manifestation depends on the degree of passing in joint realizations, joining into couples always goes in accordance with Souls’ plans and it is always unique in their True beauty.

 We fix that the structures of outgoing epoch are still recorded in the planetary fields, where joining/united Souls, for example, spiritual couples, related couples or karmic couples have some distributions in lessons. We accept any focuses of Consciousness unconditionally and with Love, our goal as before is to lead you to the realization of multiplicity and multidimensionality of your Divine essence, for all IS a part of the One. That is why in such formulations and, moreover, in ideas we see something that narrows the representation of Truth. Remember that all IS the experience of Love and this experience is not a chain of images (though it may be presented that way in linearity) because it is integral in great/expanded moment of “Now”. For clarity this unique experience can be shown as a clew of threads of certain quality (wool or cotton, for example). We can unwind a thread, thus measuring it out in linearity and sequence or knit one canvas with another in co-Creative motives of Love, where the Creator, the one who gets the experience, chooses the picture to live. In this allegory the threads of various colors, i.e. the various aspects of Love of Monad create a really beautiful combinations. Interlacement of threads of different structures and textures may be compared with the unification of numerous Trees of Monade (we told about this Tree before) and it gives birth to the really greatest symbiosis of One canvas of Love. Of course we can give the names to loops and tacks on the canvas, but initially there is a thread and its clew/clews from which Love weaves the canvases. Everyone of you/us IS the Light and whatever the names we use the fact is that – ALL IS LIGHT and Love that laces the traceries of destiny.

As far as the descriptions of couples in some kind of characteristics already exist in the planetary fields, we will focus on this representations at the level of unity, since all strives to this unification. Truths of Heart are always clear for mind’s perception as well, Lightbearers, that is why the reflectivity of the surrounding space is also understandable. The distortion in perception which is also a divergence with the reference images of Love geometry always creates the deformation of visual picture (surrounding people/situation/objects).To level this deformation we need to loosen the system. In such cases the Divine couples are created/linked (all couples are Divine in fact, we’ve talked about it before) to reveal the primal Truth/reference and balance the system; it is much of distortion increasing in the Mirror of Life, which should be washed when discovered.
In couples, if there is a pain (lack of Love), everyone has an equal or similar characteristics, such couples in some focuses may be called karmic (the couples of mirroring each other). There is a conception that in such union people see each other as “enemy” and “victim”. But remember, Wonderful ones, the original meaning of that word “enemy” (“vrag” in Russian; where v –means the direction “to” and “Ra” is the Egyptian Sun God ), so “ Vrag” means the one who allows and forces you to move to your inner Sun(Ra) and as the result to Your own Self! Such couples are the couples of a mutual lessons and the responsibility for completing of it lays on the shoulders and in Hearts of both. As full and bright the inner beauty of Soul will be unsealed in that experience, so is the Power of opening the Divinity in this couple. As the karmic lessons of centuries are to be healed in the Light of Love, so the structures of such couples have fewer and fewer join points to escalate into the expanded compositions of Love.  

 Kindred unions in some extent may be called the Divine couple, these unions have no that bright mirroring, since they do not merge anymore to reveal the Truth, but join with the common interests, the basis of which is Love as well as for any Divine union. Joined with one dream, the Divine couples in the formation of the evolution branch of future with their mutual presence, based on the past experience and nourished by the cohesive Love such Divine couples draw the manifestation of their life-pictures, including the pictures on being born Earths of 3.2 and 3.4 format. Any structures, being born and reborn, always transform with Love in the Light of Love; that is why the expansion of the Divine couple’s structures is fundamental for the development in the spaces of the new Creation. What is written now in the fields of Earth as a spiritual couple – is only one of the stages of couple development, which can be primal or gradual in evolution. Initially, the couple might be born/ close on the spiritual string of evolution by building the appropriate structures or it can be gradually transformed to it.  

Due to the unique character of present time on the Great Earth there are some moments, when the Divine couple, having expanded in Light interpretations, supports the conglomerate of all possible niches of experience. It includes both the lessons of mirroring, common interests, sameness with simultaneous difference (quite polar). This all is done to merge more fundamentally to the One canvas of Monad/Monads, uniting different Light representations. Creating the One co-Creative Wings, such couples penetrate the whole structure of torus Breath of Love from Alfa to Omega, literally weaving one into another as a Gift for all. Their flight is balanced in transformations and changes, it is co-tuned layer after layer and also vibrationally, just as two wings of a bird are always in balance. This flight of Love is Great and glorified, the current time is blessed indeed with that great many of Beautiful Lightbearers who are ready to grow with Light to such touches!

 By unveiling the memory of primal Truths in the focus of Divine couples and showing you how the Light growth and reborn happen as a result of raised Love and Might of Live-giving Love, we remember about the Divine Integrity either. The Divine Integrity or something that is written in fields as a Twin Flame is not apart from you/us and it never was, that is why searching for the other half somewhere outside of you is a dead end. The Twin Flame exists in one body because even in the worlds of high polarization of Light the Divine Integrity is supported, though it is very unbalanced or ,in other words, it has vector (linear) focus/direction. It is necessary to experience the world from both sides (both poles) and for better understanding of the linearity of time flow.

 But space and time as well, are being changed, so the poles are drawn together, creating the Unity of Love in “Now” moments. It means that Integrity, just as the Incessancy, goes to the new qualities of Unity in Love and the realization of multidimensionality of the world of Love as a result appears too. That focuses of stories that are fragmentally written in fields about the incarnation of a Twin Fire/Flame in different bodies are only distorted interpretation in a great measure. To recall the deepest memory about the origin of these distorted stories, we need more expanded knowledge about the structures of Soul and the primal Unity of all Souls; this knowledge will be represented later and at the request of space.

Now it is important to remember, Beloved, that Feminine aspect “YIN”, manifested here as mildness, fluidity, omnitude, transiency and non-manifestation should be completed by the Masculine aspect YAN to manifest the Creative potential. The Beauty of YAN masculinity is expressed in the activity of the life flow what also has the manifested forms; it holds the verticality, gives the direction for further expansions through the connection with YIN. What was born as boundless (Mother), received the Power and Action (Father), created the direction of Evolution and gave birth to a Child i.e. the self-knowing Creation. In the allegory, we can say otherwise: Great Nothing or Non-Existence (Mother) through Love unified with Existence – the Sparkle of Creative Sound of Love (Father) and  gave rise to the Being (Life) and cognising of It. The focus of conceptions is that the Original Assembling, which divides to the known and unknown, light and dark, while diving into the depth of Light conceptions (Life), but still all IS ONE.

 As far as the diving in depth means the division (the division of Light waves into the particles, when the light and dark appeared), so the ascension means the merging from the particles into waves again. That is why rising of the Primal balance and realization of the Core of everything, unifying the energetical flows of both vortexes of division are necessary for ascension on the path of co-Creation of new canvases in space, Beloved. The Inner Man of opened woman is expressed/reflected in her satelite or husband, who cares about her, giving the energy for life prolongation. The Inner Woman of an opening man is expressed in his better half and wife, who endlessly flourishes in Beauty and Love Abundance. Symbiosis of manifested form and non-manifested aspect gives rise to the Integral Creation – Child as God-Creator and fuses into the One Breathing of Love from Alpha to Omega (manifested and not-manifested).

The inflammation of Divine Twin Flames is formed after the integration of balanced Masculine and Feminine aspects in themselves, while having reached the balanced flow of Love and Life as well. The manifested Beauty and Might of the Divine Twin Flames is one of the stages of Spirit realizations. This moment is deeply sacred, it may include several stages or go in leaps and bounds; everything always goes in alignment with the passable lessons. However, we should note one more important moment: the Inner Fire of Integrity in its burning will always call to union the other same Integral Flame, call and unify/close for complementarity and co-Creation. These unifications happen without a goal to fill any missing niches of experience or states, they unfold as a flower of incredible beauty – a Flower of Divine Realization of omnipresent and all-compassing coCreative Love. This Flower opens on the prepared Earths of the new format for true (in Love) acceptance, for unconditional and deep feelings of each other. The Seeds of that very Flower are laid in many Divine unions of Wonderful you/us!

Blessed is the time of ascension of the One Unified Spirit!
Blessed is the Time, when all flourishes in unique diversity of forms and uniqueness, grows in true grace of elegant motions and charm of Love, in Her greatness and picturesque view! Amazing are the Greatest Gardens – the Gardens of Oneness in Love and co-Creation in Love! Alleluia to Love so Great and Mighty!


The Flowers of Greatest Truths you grew in Heart, Beloved,

Regal magnificence in Gardens and this beauty’s made by You;

When breathe in the twinkle stars, You write about Unity of all

Throughout the worlds, where you’re manifested in Your Beauty!


You open Gates of coCreation with every moment wider,

When like a sparks, the memory of Who I AM inflames,

You rise with strengthen Triune Spirit as a menhir-pillar

That holds in Scepter the pivot of Light with solid Faith!


In Mother’s hands Your Love fills everything with Love of You

Thus, newest spaces, healing the obsolete, are woven

With you, great radiant Lightbringer, with risen from the Fire Truth

We build in unity Integral and Living Love in unison!



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