Cultivating Unity. The color of Amaranth.

Light always strives to Light, Beautiful ones, that is why we continue broadcasting for the activation of your inner memory – memory of Heart again. We do not break apart for a moment with Hearts, since a great Dance of Love is infinite in the incessancy of motion and the development of Life. In the expanded Sounding of OmTaRa shining we greet you, Lightbearers, since the allowance/possibility came for the Melody of Life to manifest in a new depth of Sounding.

This became possible because of the fixation of a new high-frequency Light on the Crystalline Grid of Earth, which possesses special characteristics and abilities to influence on the dense layers of matter. New achievements of the One Divine Heart open new expanded possibilities to merge in the Light Union. But we will note that sensibility to such layers of Light and energies is developed not at many of you, but since the fixation occurred, a necessary conglomerate of Lightbearers was found. At the current moment by the way of step-by-step descent to the next down-lying row support and distribution of a new spectrum of Light is performed. Gifts and activations flow from Heart to Heart, without bustle, with one simple being in Love, Tranquility and Harmony. And now as before we will be talking about the importance of these states, especially in the times of bright phase cleanings.

Once again we encourage you to open yourselves for Unity – Unity of looks, thoughts, wishes and dreams. Unity, which is comprised of a great number of you/us. Unity, which is comprised not of the contradictions of perceptions, but in the unification of uniquenesses of Sounding. Each of us/you, playing his/her unique Melody of Love, sings for the One Orchestra of Creation. In its core there are no separated things, there are separated comprehensions of them, which are brought by differently poled dual thinking. The one organism doesn’t seek for the right or wrong, since it is just ridiculous to fight with yourself. For the one organism both legs, head, hands etc. are equally important. So why one religion can be more or less right, or one conception can manifest a full description of Being and to be a complete truth than other conceptions or other beliefs? Objectivity is comprised of the conceptions of a great number of Shining you/us, it is comprised by Love and in Love. Objectivity is manifested in sincere and tireless cognition of Self in the inseparability from Whole, and supported by the immutable Law – the Law of interaction of Love.

A True Freedom is always born in merging with space, in which not only diverse forms of Light and their interactions, but many and many Selves through thoughts, feelings, wishes and aspirations are written. As soon as sincere allowance for growing of merging in Unity and inseparability is born inside you, so the Divine Wings are manifested in You. Only through realization that ALL IS ONE and LOVE Your Wings grow, only then God-Creator wakes in the Power and Strength of His manifestation, since the Joy of Giving and Cocreating IS THE BASIS. Oh, Lightbearer, can Joy be grown in struggle? Is it possible to create without Joy? Remember, Beautiful one!

We would like to pay your attention to another moment,  Loved ones. All Lightbearers, that are born unique inside you, are divine, not accidental, immensely important and inseparable from Whole. Any wish, flowing from the depths of the Divine Heart as a sincere message, IS a Wish of God/One, not something personal. Any opening is a unique Light focus, a unique manifestation of Your Light/Light of Monade in favor of Common/One. Any Your opening is not your ego-achievement/individually formed achievement, to which it is necessary to become attached as to a favorite toy or a personal achievement. Human of an opened system, and it is really opened, in the realization or at the threshold of realizations – is a Flow of Consciousness in a constant exchange, and the level of exchanges depends on the Shining of Heart and the Beauty of manifestation of Spirit. That is why any conceptions or analysis about the difficulties of ways or their easiness, about great number of special manifestations and about lack of it (ability to see, to hear the subtle levels etc.) are just the play of mind. Any comparativity is always born in the moving analysis of mind, we have showed it before. Heart doesn’t analyze, it always Gives!

Gifts, which flow through our/your “hands” are not individual ones and cannot be individual. Coming through a Flow of Light through body, using it as anchor, Gifts wish to manifest/to be given to everyone. Flows of Light of Love are always for Everyone, since there is nothing separated from you/us, ALL IS WE. Remember, Lightbearer, and joyously smile at simple Truths.  Can the stomach say that it won’t deliver the life-giving juice to all organism and all organs, because only it produced that juice? Can lungs not deliver oxygen to all cells? So why is auction possible at the spread of Gifts of Love? Gift always and everywhere goes to all and everyone, since ALL IS ONE, the one Divine Organism. Such a comprehension is becoming more and more important, Loved ones, that is why we pay your attention to this moment of perception. ALL IS ONE, and no matter which games would the Child play, no matter how It was erring, Great with Wisdom Love sets all at their places at the finishing of way!

Motion of Life and its cognition is infinite, as well as great number of perceptions can be born in this way. But Truth always stays Truth, Love always stays Love, Gift is Gift, since Eternity is Their common Home!

Current time has special characteristics, since the astronomical patterns of both the close and expanded formats were building on the one Light string of Sounding. Thanks to that it is possible to switch the programs, turning off ones and turning on others. It is possible now to draw some interim results of these switches, what is important for You to understand the ongoing processes. We would say even more – the further development of performed by everyone of you changes will be now observed in manifestation in the linear prolongation, which means in the current for your body time and in it.

Special astronomic equinoxes, together with the unprecedented and manifested in the deep layers Light power, allowed to bring the Ray of Truth to the lowest layers of  the discrete Light. It means that the Gates of Truths are open and numerous programs for manifestation are launched, about which we will broadcast further, contributing to the awakening of Your inner memory for opening of the Divine Heart. We have already said about the coming of a new Crystalline energy, as well as about the transformations of the Crystalline Grid of Earth. Key for remembering of Heart is the expansion of the system to 12+1 as the Whole. All changes are the stages of the Great transformations in rising/ascension of the system of Human-Earth-Solar System, as well as in their expanded projection interactions. This fact in manifestation needs to be considered.

We want to emphasize that the current time implies the high degree/level of self-awareness, since it is important for the achievement of effectiveness. The processes of changes occur more effectively by the power of focuses of the realized attention. That is why information about the current processes is broadcasted in a constant regime and is recorded not only in the news line of the Channel of the New Trinity, but in the spaces of the Crystalline layers as well. Focuses of attention on the diverse transformations of layers approached to the dense body by means of anchoring on meditations, conferences and other energetic exchanges, help to substantially mitigate and optimize the most difficult processes of the Light transformations. Remembering about the analysis of mind, we show You again that any broadcasted information is recorded directly to the Crystalline plasm, and each of you/us can soak in this Knowledge and memories if necessary and in the measure of aspiration. Alleluia to Love!

Centuries-old blinkeredness (narrow-mindedness) of structures, accumulated in difficult experience of cognition of the worlds of the strong Light polarity/discreetness, is a deterrent for the opening of the Divine Heart and Eternal Truths. But exactly this was a necessary and important part of experience, since the more significant difficulties Spirit has to overcome, the brighter and more powerful the born and renewed Light and Wisdom of Spirit are. Beyond the circles of development in the conditions of the strong discreetness of Light the Structures distant from the Truths sometimes have especially rigid structure and design , beyond the limits of which it was harder and harder to get. The inertia of behavior in the conditions of the game of separation as the consequence of inflexible views and grasping conceptions did not allow to reveal these blockings, that is why many beautiful Souls were caught  in a quite difficult situation. We are glad to convey that in the current time of the cosmic alignment and the repeated calibrating of the Human-Earth-Solar System system, it became possible to open the upper layers of shells of inertias. Certainly, in the linearity  many people can not have instant insights of Truth on their way, but it is quite possible that there will be situations to stop and think.

The opening of these shells of inertias cause another effect – coming out of deep fears, pain, lack of accepting and other similar effects from inside on the surface. This is like when the train is taken away from the well-trodden rails and then put on new rails, which go uphill. For the first moments the ride is difficult, and  appearing “hummocks, grass, pits and bumps on the rails” from the blinkeredness with illusion and thoughts which came to the surface make the ride even more difficult. Such ride is not high in speed as it used to be, since it is set on a new not habitual rails, but there is no way further without this change. Other ways of motions except for the rising won’t be supported any more, or, as it was shown before, there will be waiting  for the moment of healing and cleaning of the renewed rails.

After the Lunar eclipse (04.04.2015) the fixing stage of cleanings and reborn/renewal begins, which will allow to even more immerse in the bottomless depths of Self for healings. Beautiful Lightbearers, we turn your attention to the fact that not motivated activation of fears, a groundless sadness and other manifestations of the outer senseless lack of harmony  are manifested from inside for healing and these are necessary cleanings of the coming time. Sincerely bless the rising of these lessons to surface to let yourself meet with them face to face without fighting and denying them, to unite for healing with Love, which means to be raised! The birth of the True Light is far from just the manifestation of the outer beauties and some contrived positive qualities. The birth of Truthfulness has always been in the unification of Self True in the game of experience, accepting of yourself in any images. Is the unification possible in struggle and denial? Remember!

Time of games in spirituality and smoothed fantasized ideality is going away, the real Spirituality is waking up – the one that is hidden in the depths and beauties of your Heart.  Loved ones, it becomes especially important to reconsider all the conglomerate of thoughts and feelings, raising from inside, like children asking for your embraces. In the circles of cognition of Light of discreetness you multiply felt pains and fears, putting them sometimes in the most distant depths, but it is impossible to move further with such luggage. Beautiful Lightbearer, allow yourself, merging in the inseparability with Yourself True, to realize with a full acceptance that all is necessary for experience. Accept your any manifestations as well as other people, uniting Yourself by that. There won’t be less light because of accepting the darkness, fighting and denial just block Light flows on you, and in the expansion on everyone, for healing. Light develops and heals, as well as it does many other, only with Love! Gratitude to everyone and all – this is the Key, Loved ones.

Any denials, dissatisfactions and struggle have a destructive nature, they take away life energy and create structures, locking the Shining of Heart. To open your eyes towards fear, gratefully bowing to it as to the Teacher – this is the way. To accept any life lesson as the gift of fate no matter what it is – this is the elixir for the growth of Spirit! Allow yourself, Lightbearer, at all difficulties and raising disharmonies in manifestation to say not “Why?” but “For what purpose?”. Allow yourself to be in a deep joy from the “I AM” state and just to thank Life, without conditions and reasons, then you will feel a Great Blessing, since you will be manifesting just with Truth – Love. You will feel bliss from Merging and Giving of yourself to everyone, since a True Happiness can be felt altruistically and not showing off, sincerely giving and Granting Light of Heart. Giving yourself to Love sincerely and frankly, you become Its manifestation! Alleluia to Love!

Change of way and rising from the current inertia also lead to the states of uncertainty. We have showed you that before, including the forgetfulness in behavior and thoughts. When brain is out of the inertia of moving (out of the trodden rails), it can’t move along the known trajectories and routes of thought formation and though connections, but at the same time the possibility appears to stop and to look at the reality beyond the verges of gone ways, and cognized perceptions. It is necessary to accept, Lightbearers, that uncertainty is also the basic part of the way out from the strong discreetness, and it is important for you to be in the middle, supporting the balance. It is easily established, when you are harmonious and aspire to harmony, since you are supported by life and all space. In the worlds of the corpuscular Light/duality a constant change happens from one half of the opposite to the other one, good becomes bad, bad becomes good, what in its core are the shades in perception of the same. Coming to the trinity/triality lies in the unification of different colors of perception (light and darkness) and lack of any evaluations of the halves of duality, contemplation beyond analysis. We are not apt to infringe rights of the tool of cognition of the corpuscular Light – the mind, unconditionally admiring its features, and his characteristic constant analysis. Speaking of contemplation, we mean allowing yourself non-rigid forms of perception, flexibility of the right-sided flows of female lines in the balance with the left male flow creates a true balance and harmony.

The next stage, which is activated after cleaning and immersion in the depths of Yourself or simultaneously with these processes, is the launch of the memory of incarnations experience. This stage can be manifested as some intuitive splashes in the common or private manifestation. You do not need to extensively focus on the analysis of memories, since they are manifested not to use them with mind, but for healing and the conscious rising. Memories can contain destructive, creative or median experience.  They appear not to glorify or reproach someone, but just as the fact and pointing to the experience, which is necessary to be healed with a full acceptance and gratitude, or to call as the inner Power for the rising of Consciousness. We are glad that such an opportunity appears at many awakening ones, but it is worth noting that for some Lightbearers such connections in conscious spectrum have been manifested a long time ago and is actively used for the good of the One.

It is also necessary to pay a special attention to the fineness of unification with the fabrics of the world, about which we have broadcasted before, since there is a certain share of misunderstanding of interconnectedness of multiple processes. The Key is the Awakening of the God-Creator. World surrounding you is the projection of the inner world of multiple Self, from each point of Consciousness into the sphere. A common reality is comprised from a great multiple focuses and projections of Self, different in states and perceptions of experience. World surrounding you directly depends on the measure of accumulated Light by monades and each Self and on the Light manifestation in connection with the monade and the One Consciousness. Being in Tranquility and Harmony, you balance the manifestation of your projections (point Self into the common sphere WE). Being in the state of Love, Acceptance and Gratitude, you are able to heal the Whole/One through your focuses (from the point Self to the One toroidal flow of the Breath of Love). The Key is the energy of Action of Love. The fine point is in the deep comprehension and allowance for uncertainty (trust in Life) at the support of the balance of inner and outer. Something that desires to be expressed from inside, should be expressed, since any hidden is a not worked out possibility, which makes any motion more difficult. Yes, Lighbearers, the time for taking off masks  of the game comes, Light of Truth will be growing with Shining, that is why it is so important to realize each passing moment. Eternity lies in every moment of your life now. The Key for remembering of Heart is the opened system.

The teaching about the definite norms of behavior and manifestation has been existing for many years, that certainly set in the necessary frames of growth each Self at the immersion in the worlds of discreetness. Who you should be or should not be, what the manifestation of the spiritual human is, what is not allowed for him etc... it also concerned many teachings. But the Light of Truth takes off any masks, it is already not easy to conceal Soul, that was playing too long in temptations, with beautiful expensive clothes; practices with one action of body without realizing yourself as traveling for experience Spirit open their emptiness. The time of the indisputable pricelessness of the pouring in sincerity Light of Love of a simple smile comes, exactly It will be attracting and beckoning beyond all forms and conceptions. Directions of the folding times lose their former power and importance, and the Encyclopedias of the Wisdom of Heart come to the change of rules of the outer behavior. Simpleness is in sincerity of the bonding Love, kindness and a mutual help, acceptance and gratitude, which Saints showed and claimed with their life, reminding about true values. We Are One - this is what has to be understood with all essence in a new Light of Love. Alleluia to Love! Alleluia to Oneness in Love!

In connection with the coming Ray of Light of Truths it is important to note the activation of the expanded vision as well. This process is directly connected with the opening from inside to outside and the healing of the structures of the obsolete conceptions, about which we talked before. There is the term in the fields of Earth concerning the vision with eyes – “a blind spot” or “a blind zone”. There is some separating slit, which allows to cognize deeper the worlds of the discrete Light, disconnecting from the expanded vision of Truths. Coming back in the expanded vision of happening, which means the ability to consciously unite in Unity again, was primarily implied through growing of the Power of Heart in such experience. The sense of all such combinations is the collection of a new Power of Light as a Gift to Everyone.

Only in the construction of the connecting structures from Heart to brain the zone of Mirrors could be formed, which connected the picture in the whole image in some measure. However, it was still impossible to rely on it fully, since Mirrors themselves because of the unidirectional flow were often dominated by analysis of the left-sided whirls and reflection to the frontal lobes (where you perceive the image with eyes) was distorted by these whirls.

Let’s make an example for understanding. The connected one-flow structure “Heart-brain” sees the Truth and transmits to the cervical Mirror. Brain analyzes and takes decision about the impossibility or a partial impossibility of such vision, for example vision does not fit his conceptions or not desirable because of insufficiently treated ego. Then part of Truth, which did not fit in the frames of acceptance of brain, is “cropped” and transmitted on the frontal lobe incomplete. Such a process happens immediately and cyclically, and now as an example it is stretched for the comprehension of the core. We have showed you the mechanism how the Truth remained at such a single-threaded connectedness but incomplete.  At the incomplete forming of the single-threaded connection “Heart-brain” in the closed system of the immersion in the game, the picture was initially delivered according to the planned program of Soul, which means artificially, supporting the illusion of perception for the passing of experience of the game of separation.

From the moment of forming of the opened system for rising, which means from the moment of opening of the toroidal exchange breath with the One in the fullness of broadness and depth of Alpha-Omega connections, such “blind zones” have been erased with the Shining of the Truths of Heart. “Blind zones” are erased in the moments of Feeling, sincerity of Love in Giving, forming the third element/the third compound, about which we transmitted information in last messages. The difference in the current moment is only in the fact that now we are speaking about the moment of manifestation in the worlds of the discrete Light, worlds of the dense forms. There are no more outer hindrances, which were specially formed by the game of separation, which means “the blind zone” is now thinning in the measure of readiness of the Consciousness of each Self, changing with the Light of Truths. Alleluia to Love!

We tell you again, how it is important to be in the state of Tranquility and Harmony in the Unconditional Acceptance of all and support it,  realizing responsibility for each moment of your manifestation, opening precious minutes of incarnation as Gift to everyone! Each moment of being on Great Earth is a Miracle, Lightbearers! To manifest with Light, to pour with Light, to flow with Light through Yourself unique as Gift to everyone – this is the real celebration for any Soul! The more Gifts it is possible to bring here and now, to manifest Love through yourself, the more Joy fills all Us-ONE, dancing and swaying in exchanges! WE are all so different and diverse – the One Organism! Feel, wake up and remember, Loved one!

Service is far from only physical help, a physical manifestation of Gifts, and we have already talked about that. First of all this is Being and Presence (being at your Core), the state of Harmony and All-encompassing Love. Service is also help to other Self, in Its Core to Self in the turning of ALL IS WE, to come to the comprehension of Self through embraces and smile, through a “helping hand”, support in development and confirmation of the state of God in Yourself, giving of your Love, approaching by that to the Divine Unification. Any action, coming from intention of the most sincere Love, any thought from Love, are healing in Their core, since any inhale and exhale of any particle of Self – all is primarily from Love.  This is the answer, this is the Core of Truths. Alelluia to Love!

A Soul fills with a True Joy in Giving, Joy is the Key for activation of Thymus.  The gland, about which we talk almost in every message, layer after layer opening the veils for its awakening, Lightbearers. We will keep developing this topic, as well as showing interactions of other glands, which do not belong only to the biology of this body in a full measure. It is not accidental that we speak of the Unity, since Thymus of a new Shining opens in development just on this basis. Since we speak of a new structure, developing through opening of the previously hidden, at the activations/risings at the moment of connections from small to big it is important to understand the following.

The matter builds from triplicities both on small volumes and big/broad volumes. In the worlds of the cause-effect connections it is depicted as Event (Father) in the connecting chains of active causes and effects (Mother) and the canvas is united by the cognizing Child. Child defines the space of experience of cognition of Self in the expansion of Alpha-Omega, pointed with the Light of Heart, which means Child cognizes the connected structure of Father-Mother in expansion. In small volumes, for example in the structure of atom, Event becomes the core and proton (Father), it is formed by the motion of electron (Mother) and is enlivened by the Holy Spirit, which does not have any form in the understandable presentation. The connected structure proton-neutron (Father-Child) creates the stages of the development of form, and it is manifested in interactions by the electron (Mother). Proton and neutron also have triple manifestations and sound on three strings – proton on two upper octaves and one low, and neutron on two low and one upper octave. This is the sacred form, known to you as a six-pointed star.

Sending of the impulse of development to electron (Matter) from core with proton and neutron (Father-Child), the interaction of forms happens through the Holy Spirit. The example of such a development is the annihilation of electron and positron with forming of gamma-radiation, what is the energy of transformations, which we will examine in next messages.  With the flow of linear time, allocated for the experience electrons and protons are reduced in quantity, since the canvas of events and cause-effects is cognized, and the number of the neutrons increases. These phenomena are not new for Earth in common perceptions, but are considered from qualitatively different  perspective, limited with understanding that Life is an eternal development of intentions and interactions of Love.

Let’s come back to Thymus. Thymus is the place of the Life Power, Golden Light, Heart of Fenix, Color of Amarantum. In the expanded manifestation is launched with the Shining of Heart and Joy on a certain stage of the process of disconnection from the current game of separation. Its work comes to a qualitatively new regime – regime of radiation!  We do not see the necessity to describe the functional peculiarities of this gland, which are already written in the fields of Consciousness of Earth. As before we set the goal for the renewal of knowledge and opening of the broadness and beauty of the Creator’s Design, manifested through Human and through biology of the human body, which we immensely admire. We are infinitely glad that we can raise Your memories about this Knowledge. We continue and will keep broadcasting for the expansion of Your perception, working in the diapason of data and Knowledge, which you already have, and as soon as the possibility to receive and accept the new is opened by You. We also intentionally describe the functions of Thymus in parts for a fuller penetration of information in the interactions of all organs and processes.

The thymus gland is different from all by the fact that the cycle of its development and the dynamics are strongly different with other parts of body. This is most of all conditioned by the put program of extinguishing  of the functions of immortality (Color of Amarantum), which is being unblocked in the current moment and is being erased from spaces. As we used to say, the Thymus has a more complicated structure, than it is learned on Earth in the current moment, moment of its activation is not always connected with the physical growth. But there are some symptoms of these processes, which happen in merging with other activations. Through Channel of the New Trinity the increase of the Flames of Three-petal guarding Sounding has been shown, it became noticeable at the level of the biology of body. The process can be manifested as burning in the area of Its fixation, some feelings of pressure, itching and other mild manifestation. This markers are also the markers of the activation of the Heart of Fenix, which is more and more growing with the Fire presence in connection with the descent of a new program into the current alignment -  the Golden Sphere of the Light of Christ/Sphere of the Christ Presence.

The sacredness of Thymus is also manifested with the connecting threads of its thinnest manifestation with Grail,  being the Grail of experience and Wisdom of Highest Selves. With well-established interactions with Highest Selves Thymus plays the direct role for the manifestation of the realized multidimensionality in body. Grail is deeply known to your Hearts, Lightbearers, since the growth of your Inner Child starts right in It. Further Child spreads Wings of Love with your joyful and happy smile, sincere Love, soulful warmth and relaxedness. Right this Child helps to keep a stable connection with Self, since It is You True, your Core, which moves in the wheel of incarnations for getting of the priceless experience of cognition of Love/Self and growing of the Power of Heart for the expansion of Love/Self! Alleluia to Love!

The Thymus is the fountain of the Light of Love, the source of creation and inspiration, that is why its attunement with Harmony of Life is so important. The Sound of the sacred mantras activate It at the levels of the dense forms, that is why allow yourself, Lightbeares, to sing them. A grand OM in the throat singing is the balsam for Thymus. Thymus plays an important role of the Sound Radiator on the broadness of the Alpha-Omega manifestation in the expansions of manifestation of Love. Thymus is also the activator of co-creation, It plays important roles in the moments of merging of man and woman with Love and in the name of Love! Building the bridges of Love with Sound,  radiated by Thymus Light, creates and co-creates. Remember, Lightbearer, since Thymus holds the yellow-golden Light of the Fire ether in the energies of co-creation, as well as the chakra of the Divine co-creation.

Thymus of a new Light is directly connected with lymph, we have already informed before about the role of lymph, as well as we will keep uncovering this topic in the measure of readiness of spaces of Your Consciousness. Now it can be said that at the current moment lymph is the substance, carrying the Highest Fire of Love, it also belongs not only to the biology of body. Lymph helps to adapt to the Fire transmutation, which means the restructuring into the body of Light and Crystalline body of Light. In this chain of transformation Thymus hosts more mental layers, the connections with their higher manifestations. The information about fields and layers, including the chakra system, has been multiply given before, but it is important for You to perceive that in the current time they have one of the leading roles on all plans of the integral eight (7+1) of the Alpha-Omega manifestation.

Thymus is the Life-bringing Divine Power in the Fire Unity, which awakens only when the balance between inner and outer is achieved, when the bridges of connections of the whirl flow of the energies of the Divine Heart are built. The Power of the Shining Heart, not knowing any boarders, unites in one All and Everyone in the Fire Unity for transmutation, all transformations, births and rebirts, the one rising/ascension. Divine Heart, which in the fullness of saturation with the Light of Love greets Unity, sings It and dances with Love in the Name of Love, it manifests God-Creator! A beautiful Lightbearer, you go away from the paradigm of the immune system of the carbon body to the paradigm of Heart of Fenix/radiation of Thymus, by that you shift your focus from fighting and disconnection of Self with yourself to the Comprehension, Accepting, Harmony and balancing of the weights of duality for the shift into triality. Where the Humbleness lives, there a True peacefulness lives, so the Color of the Fire Unity is being born – the Color of Amaranthum!  Any place is blessed, where Love is born, everyone is Blessed, being in Love, which means being in God/Truth/Light of Love! Alleluia to Love!



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