Transformations in the interconnectedness of surrounding space and time


Our message goes from Light to Light, merging in the conscious interaction, to give birth to Love in the newest interconnections again, continuously expanding It. We will talk again about the closest interaction of all with everything, about the weaving of each moment with each moment, any even the smallest fragment of space with another fragment. All is weaved with invisible threads of Love and just your/our wishes, intentions and purity of motives manifest more and more possibilities of touches in the manifested form in the worlds of the dense matter already. Joy of the possibility of embraces overwhelms us each time, Beautiful Lightbearers!

We will keep disclosing the processes of transformations of you at close to the dense form layers, which is important for the deepness of your self-awareness. As before we will remind, Lightbearers, that everything is inside you, since absolute Knowledge is the Knowledge of the level of the Divine Heart. Your capability to touch with this Knowledge and to raise it on the surface of perception with dense body depends on the level of Sensibility and Openness of you. This is about the sensibility and openness, that is characteristic just of the freely opened in Love Wings. The feeling of the inner Freedom, which means a full independence of the outer factors, is the state, which has to lead you. This is a deep inner disconnectedness with any forms, schemes, ways or practices, since a True Freedom is the Freedom of Your Essence, Your True Core. You True are much more than any terms and conceptions. It is important for you to realize and understand, Lightbearers, that this Freedom is out of the game of experience, in which your body is, It is not beyond the power and analysis of this game, it exists beyond the categories of mind and Ego. We will call it Freedom, for a deeper comprehension the Divine Freedom or the release from the illusions of the game of experience.

Look inside yourself, Radiant one, and honestly answer yourself, what motivates you in an everyday’s Service on Earth? What are your wishes and thoughts, their motivations and how sincere is your aspiration with something, and whether it exists? Are your aspirations Truly yours (go from inside You), or diverse bonds from conceptions and illusions dictate you this or other behavior? Aspire to Freedom with each breath, to the Divine Freedom. Divine Freedom even with its shadow cannot deny any manifestation of life, any way in the game, since releasing from the illusions of the game, you nurture with an unconditional Love and Wisdom of the Divine Heart, you feel gratitude to life and game for everything! Release more and more with each breath from the old perceptions of the world and its evaluations, led by the inner messages of Love. Opening to the new, it is very important and necessary to fold the healed old/lived out experience in a bow and gratitude. This is easy to do from the Divine Heart, since the perception from there is filled with deepness and a gratitude Core of Love!

We also wish to talk about the important nuance. Do not try to forget the lived through experience as some finished or finishing dream, since this is the escape. Any experience is beautiful, allow yourself to realize its core, grain, and this is possible just through Love of Divine Heart. We would tell you again about the necessity to honor everything in wholeness, and such an example would fit in here. We have told you earlier about the triple-shell structures. You know that shells are built in the harmony of the sacred geometry of this world, and it is described with number permanents. The permanent of your space is Pi (π), of matter is Phi (φ), space/time with some transient coefficients is Lambda (λ) etc. So, there is a number series of constructions of one of the shells of space in the multidimensional “Now” – 0,1,1,2,3,5,8…144 etc. It is known to you as Fibonacci digits – consequence, in which each next digit is equal to the sum of two previous digits. It is also worth mentioning here that digits are some kind of codes of growth/expansion. To build the step  with the number 5, it is necessary to minimally know two previous steps (2+3), what is experience. You cannot build matter in time 8, not having two earlier lying steps (3+5), or step 13 without the preceding steps (5+8) etc.  It means that in the linearity of perception “Now”, broken into “past-present – future”, present is built on the fundament of past, present also forms the stage of future.

Having simultaneously knowledge about steps of past and future, everyone is quite capable of calculating the present, since everything is connected, and the linearity of perception is a mere illusion. Time, as it has been shown to you before, has the whirl structures, which are on more comprehensible to you orders, are closer to the spherical ones. A great number of “Now” are built on the interconnections of “earlier” and weave the steps of interconnections “further”. So the core of time/space would be more comprehensible to you (interconnected and interdependent structures) for some logics in the help of perception with mind of the dense body.

Each moment of your “Now” you create harmony or something else with your aspirations, wishes and intentions. Each moment of concentration of you in some of the great number of the areas of manifestation and expansion, fixes and manifests you more and more on these steps. Each moment, each “Now” has an exceptional meaning. Streaming, incessant flow of Life of space/time, motion of a great number of particles of Consciousness, ONE Consciousness. Remember, Lightbearers, the connectedness of all with everything in space and time, then the cyclicity of the passing lessons will become more comprehensible. Dejavu of space/time is made for the fixation of the lessons learned, and if the harmony is fixed,there is no more sense in its repeating. Connections of times are much more deep and complex, weavings are more intricate, but now it is enough for you to remember it.

Everything exists simultaneously, permanently flowing from one into another, forming each moment a constantly renewing “Now” in the constant whirl “earlier” and “further”, on which “Now” is divided in the illusions of the dense world. If it is impossible to build the constructions of harmony in some kind, which means to continue the growth of the shell of experience, the cycle is recreated again and again from the moment of the “broken step” until the harmony ascends the throne. This memory from the depths of your Divine Heart, Lightbearers, will help to hold stronger the concentration on the current moment of “Now”, to keep the Light aspiration. By that the shell disharmonies “earlier” will be more and more enlightened in “Now”, which means that as the whole the inertia will decrease, the motion of Soul will acquire other turns. For many of you it is easier to hold the concentration of the Light attention on this level, understanding the sense of the happening eventfulness and the Laws of Love, the principle of all-connectedness etc. But we remind you again and again, that we direct you in the depths of your Heart, all of you have this Knowledge in expansion, we aspire to help you to remember.

So, in this moment “Now” we wish to show you the connectedness of space and time for a deeper comprehension of their inseparability and their motion in the kind of the shell whirl. It is necessary to balance the lower lying stage of development, no matter how right or wrong they would seem in the illusions of perceptions. This is also quite exact as well as right. A true statement is that at the disharmonious steps of the lower lying series of the current kind of matter, the upper lying steps won’t reach a full harmony according to the principle of connections. So, it is necessary to go through the stages of deep healing “earlier”, then in the manifested “Now” the picture will become more harmonious and melodious, and the “further” will draw more harmoniously sounding perspectives. It is also worth mentioning here that the folding of the whirl of shells of experience in matter (ascension) is possible just at the full harmonious balancing/healing of all steps, in all other cases a full contraction is not possible. Such an example would fit in here: when the bending of the spoke fragment on umbrella does not allow the case of complete closure or disclosure of the umbrella, while its correcting immediately solves the process of folding / closing.

Now we would like to tell you that there is the Plan according to which the process of folding of the common experience happens, and another one is smoothly unfolding. This is the process of closing of the experience of separateness with entering the experience of Wholeness and Oneness in Love (Christ Consciousness). The process goes by means of the replacement of one with another, of the old/played out process with the new one. This is accelerated through the Gift process of ascension, which happens differently for each of you and to different expansions, taking into consideration the achievements and possibilities, but at the same time it goes in the One rhythm of Love with all One Consciousness, all Creation. But it is important to understand that the whole and full replacement will become possible just at the full healing of all steps. Now the process of acceleration continues to more and more speed up space and time, poring all stages with Light. The time flows will be accelerating further as well, aspiring to the completion and the full harmonizing of all experience. The increase of speeds became possible thanks to the confirmation and fixation in you of more and more bright and saturated Light, which means the process of healing and transformation are already set on other, more speedy ways. Alleluia to Love!

While that we already see the formed change in spaces, noted above by us. It is formed for the manifestation in the levels of the dense dimensions, that is why soon the changes will become quite visible in the nearest time linearity.  First of all, this is destabilization of the conventional norms, dogmas of behavior and the world perception, the loosening of the deep-rooted systems for their brightening and cleaning. Yes, Lightbearers, your long Light Work is already ready to manifest in the dense reality as well, that is why the saturation of events will be increasing as well, including for the perception with body and vision of its eyes. Light will be more and more evidently growing through you, of course given your steady course to the inner perception and following the motions of Heart. This will be happening by-passing the outer destabilizations, literally saturating the cells of the dense body more and more noticeably with the Light of Love. Love, confirming Love with each moment of life, transforms all and everything in the most optimal way, since It is the Great Harmony, which is called Life. Alleluia to Love!

Now the factor of growing of the Power of space control through Sound becomes very important, which will be more and more picking up the speed. In connections with that it is necessary to grow more and more responsibility for what you say. Ignorance of the Laws does not allow not to observe them, that is why the purity of thoughts and their development is gaining a special significance already now. We would say it in a bit other way that words are some clothing of thoughts. Thoughts, put in words, already have a more densified form, that is why they have more pushing/percussive/penetrating property on matter, which means a bigger influence than just a thought. The realized thought, supported by the connections with a Divine Heart, structures matter. And presentation of thoughts through words is already capable of creating visible/formed image. At first stages the process of influence will have some slow-downs in the manifested visibility. But with its growing acceleration and also your growing possibility to permanently keep the high planks of the frequencies of thought formation, will be able to manifest with small (in its core seeming) delays. These delays are necessary not only for the forming of more strengthened core thought formation, but also for the control of you over yourselves, since the responsibility is truly big. The concentration of thought in Heart, which is also the Light Work of Creator, will be reviewed a bit later at the readiness of space.

We would like to also note that in the nearest time the strengthening of impact of thoughts and words just on some certain layers of the dense space is being prepared. It’s about the layers of space, which you form around yourselves. The beauty of the broad spectrum of possibilities of your Divine Heart is capable of more noticeable and expanded manifestations of miracles, Lightbearers. In the One aspiration  of Love and Cocreation the inertias of new orders of development will become possible, where the Harmony will become the prevailing factor. This Harmony will manifest in the synchronous motion with all Creation at the deep comprehension of the inseparability of all and everything, since Love of Heart gives birth to the Divine Harmony. Now we will not develop the subject of ruling of the thought formation, since this is also connected with work of space-time whirl shells and requires a special consideration. But it is important to understand now that thought and word influence space, and this influence will be growing. It is important for you to assist the development of the special inner mode of Euphony and Consonance with the One rhythms of Love. This is what we call the Inhale and Exhale of Love.

To Live in Love/Living in Love is what the Great Teachers and Saints, incarnated in these dense spaces, taught you. To be in Love and to manifest with Love of Heart, which means to immortally live with It, are the basics, which were put in the special periods of grief for development. In the heavy times for the manifestation of Spirit through the state of the common fields of Consciousness a special Power in the common planetary fields was grown by Great You, which is necessary to remember now.

To remember and confirm, confirm and fix, fix and manifest everywhere and for everyone, since all is ONE. ALL IS ONE and ALL IS LOVE. To live in Love and with Love means to deeply penetrate with It, laying the emphasis on the inner space of the Divine Heart. An expression “It is important to be, not to seem” is appropriate here. We state that sometimes the outer still prevails over you, as well as opinions and perception of the surrounding space in the old energies still have a big and even greatly important meaning for you. And this happens when you already Know that all true is born inside you just with Love, and that the game for experience is folded around you, which constantly creates the illusions. You used to be shown how the projector of eyes and the basic mechanics of creation and perception of illusions work.

Now it is necessary for you to consciously remember the purpose of the game, the center of which you are. Yes, Lightbearers, you are the central gamers in this game, as well as those who watch it at the same time, since everything is you. A great number of beautiful you/us watch and tirelessly play the gaming constructor called Life, collecting numerous parts in One. So consequently and multilayeredly, collecting and gaining experience of Life, One aspires to expand even more with it.

For clarity let’s make the following example. There is some  base point of Spirit in body (“Zero” point) – your Faith. It starts twisting of the shell of manifestation of your subjective/separated Ego, your experience and world perception, your beliefs of mind, with the creation of comprehensible ways and perceived Truthfulness in your personal world in accordance with that Divine base. Turn after turn the stages of cognition and expansion of the world comprehension are built with each moment of turning/growth of shell and expansion of Faith. The broader and bigger the spread of Faith is, the broader the possibilities of perception are, and the picture of the world will be manifested more and more fully. In cognition this is optimal and the most effective to be beyond the faith of mind, which means, confirming a True Faith, not to set the frames and boarders of mind for It, to come beyond the borders of the  personal beliefs, leaving the separateness of the beliefs of your personality.

The further Faith from “Zero” point twists the whirl shell of life, which means the more Faith expands its borders, the more the spiral of cognition of the world increases, which means the picture of the perceived Truthfulness expands. Turn after turn, stage after stage the comprehension of Truths grows, realizing them here and now, by that you form the manifestation of Truths in the dense world. The Momentum of Faith is primarily put in you by the guarding Sounding of the Flame of the Holy Spirit, which is burning brighter and brighter by the aspirations of Heart, since It is always primary. Remember the spin moment, about which we reminded earlier as about the impulse, launching the most important processes. Fire Origins are capable of giving birth and expanding the roots of Truthfulness, which are used for the expansion and strengthening of Faith at nurturing with the Light of Heart.

We have already showed that for the game of cognition of discreetness/ duality a number of the tools for a precise analysis of the eventfulness in their linearity in time were constructed.  We used to show them but we will remind that these are:

Mind (so called analyzer)

Ego in the streaming regime (collection of information and consolidation of the temporary information)

Intelligence (some neuron fields of connections in the following analytical period). It is worth noting here that the field of Intelligence is quite multilayered and has some different bands of interaction depending on the levels of the Divine self-awareness and manifestation in the expansion of Consciousness.

Germs of the Divine self-awareness, as some Grain, exist in every particle of the Divine Child, which means in each human. It presents as the guarding Sounding of God and is an inseparable part of human. This is your greatest treasure, Lightbearers! This is Fire, which is necessary to support with bright shining of Heart for the spiritual growth, as well as the constant affirmation “I AM LIGHT. I AM LOVE. I/WE ARE ONE” Alleluia to Love!!!


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