Ascension in Unification

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In expanded sounding of OmTaRa broadcasting, we greet you, Lightbearers! Light to Light, Beautiful ones! As before we are going to show you what  will take you out of the conceptions of the current perception. We do it to let the qualitatively new vectors of perception appear in the loosening of the habitual system of perception. In the current moment there will be the concentration on the focusing of some technical aspects of the outgoing game. This knowledge as well as all knowledge presented before has always been in the depths of your Divine Heart, in the crystals of Wisdom concentrated there.  Now it is necessary to turn the attention to the next moments of the memory of Heart, forming and strengthening the factors of rising of Spirit.

So, we have already told you that the Divine Child cognizes Event (Father) in the chains of the cause-effect connections (Mother). The cognizing and cognizable canvas expands by the experience, the moment of reaction and characteristics of reaction. Until there is a reaction to Event, the system works, which means it keeps filling with experience. Event is the realized separate structure, which means it is considered as something existing from outside. The Key for remembering is the Divine five/the Star of Father. Event is also the realized connected structure, which means it is considered in the cause-effect connections of the sequence of events inside the Event. The Key is the Divine six/the Star of Mother. Any reactions are considered, which means there is no separation into negative or positive reactions. The thing is that the reaction itself is the energy, no matter which charge it has. We are ready to present the schemes of how not only the system of involvement of the objects work, but also of the disinvolvement (a lack of reaction).

It is important to understand that any game of experience is supported by the energy of involvement, which means the reaction to the event. At the moment when the understanding of Event comes (a sequence of the events of experience) as connected with cause and effects, the clocks of the non-linear time switch on. In the current moment the examination of the worlds of the high corpuscularity of Light/the densest worlds is running, that is why we consider the transit from the linear time to the non-linear one. It may be said even broader that any transit period is connected with the non-linearity that is why in the Divine six/the Star of Mother such Law is primarily written. For you to disconnect from the finished game it is necessary to understand Event, to close the chain of cause-effect connections, It may be said otherwise that you need to become the Observer, which means the one, who raised over the game. We consider to be important the moment of your understanding how the system works for the activation of the process of detachment from the game. From the moment of the true understanding of the principle of action of the system (events in the chains of the cause-effect connections) until the moment of birth of the Observer (the finish of the chain by the disinvolvement in the game) is quite a small interval of time exists (the time of realizing the poles as the game). This moment is called by us as the moment of the quantum shift.

This name is used for many/multiple reasons, including the reason it is already written in the Earth field as a momentary one. Also because at the moment when the Observer (the one, who is above the game) is born, the band of connections between zero and one is born, forming the unified wave fluid canvas, where a lack of evaluation (a lack of poles), multitasking and multivariance are the basic characteristics. Summing up some interim results, we can quite definitely say, that exactly the energy of involvement nourishes the game, which means Event (Father) in the Embraces of the cause-effect connections (Mother) immerses the Child in the game of experience, who develops and grows in these structures and nourishes them as well. Since this subject is quite broad for consideration, it can be reviewed in more details at the request of space. Now it is necessary to remind the Key for remembering – the toroid system of interactions.

Now it is necessary to talk about what the development is and how it is understood in One. It is also necessary to remember to let more and more of you to move from the polar perception, which means to give birth to the one, who was called the Observer or the one, who does not produce the reactions. It is also important to remember that these reactions are different in each of experiences (3D, 4D, 5D etc.), that is why at each layer there are different criteria of disinvolvement from the game. One can give birth to the Observer of 3D game, who will lose the interest to the current experience, and then grow the 4D Observer etc.. It is possible to go gradually and layer after layer, but it is quite possible to realize oneself in the primal Truth. The Light of everyone is unique, that is why the birth of the Observers can happen in different ways. In any case the act of such births is always the fact of rising, it leads to the rising of the vibrational compound of Soul, coming out of the game of experience and return to Yourself/Truth.

There are some records in the fields of Earth, which means the conceptions in minds that the development is always and certainly the rising to Light/Unity/Love. But the simplicity of answer is that Light/Unity/Love have always been inside you. That is why   the development does not approach you to Light, but it expands/deepens the comprehension of your own nature and the nature of Light. Development is always the expansion of cognition of Yourself, and there is a great number of methods of evolution at each layer of the cosmic rings.

It is interesting for the One Consciousness to cognize the numerous verges of Self. If we now talk about the levels of cognition in the dense worlds, we can remember that the Great Architect Creates (invents, plans and forms) the worlds of different direction vectors of development. We can review the variants of the experience fields even broader. Cognitions at the levels and worlds of Light interaction can also be different, they can imply different directions of development. We would like to emphasize that both the worlds of a pure harmony of interactions with the lively canvases of space and the worlds of the technological character, where the interaction is carried out through the science and technics, are formed purposely. However, the worlds of the mixed character of development are spread more than others.

The percentage correlation of the levels of predominance of this or other aspect is defined by the Great Architect/Creator, and they are primarily written in the matrix canvases of space/time. Time in this perspective is presented as the value with the given coefficient of the refraction of interactions, written for the given system of the fabrics of experience/playing ground. We would say even more that each world has its important features in development, but the worlds of the mixed character are supported now in the processes of development, since they unite in one in the permanent primarily established balance the one and the other, and do not give notable distortions in the perception of Truth. As a rule, this percentage correlation is different from 50/50.

As we have said before, Human is the Divine Child/Creator, working in the interconnected structure and in the connection with Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and further, according to the unique plan. At the current moment the period of rising/ascension is running, the Divine Key is turning and the motion goes up along the rising line of development. Schematically this can be presented through the motion of screw, which was twisting in/immersing in the worlds of the dense worlds to the depths for a long time. Twisting in/immersion can go through the numerous layers consequently, but bypassing some of them as well, if to consider it in the context of experience. Such immersions happen to cognize the core of Yourself from inside, and further after the collection of the necessary experience/learning/healing, according to the declared plan, to accomplish a smooth motion to the way out from the experience of cognition. Returning to the scheme with the screw for the visual perception, to start unscrewing, which means to rotate in the reverse direction. Such a comparison is done not accidentally, it should be reviewed  broader than just the scheme of the screw motion. Now it is important to remember the Knowledge, which is already recorded in the fields of Earth. For example, the geomagnetic reversal (change of poles), turning of a spin moment of atoms( we have broadcast about), transit from the one pole of matter to the other (water/fire).

Since we have touched the theme of the geomagnetic reversal , we would like to note a deeper sense of this name and process. We would say even more now, that such a process is already happening, it is moving more than one year of the linear time. At the current moment it has reached such  level of penetration into the dense levels, that the space-time “worm-holes”/passages between the worlds are created. The current playground of experience is so much depleted, that it is supported just by the living for last moments mental and emotional fields, which are also healed and dissolved grain by grain. The process of seeing or not seeing of this fact is just the manifestation of your attention focuses, since the Universe, as we have shown it earlier, always confirms what you mostly believe in. With the power of your faith the support of illusions can happen until the alteration of the  last atom, but it does not cancel the alteration  itself, since Father rules the motion of the Divine Key. If there is His decision to stop one Event and to enter the other one, than the shift of experience and their playgrounds certainly happens. The beauty of design is in that the Awakening can happen at any moment and just your Striving and Allowance manifest all the necessary Keys, Lightbearers. Such an Awakening of the necessary part of the Consciousness of Human occurred, and the process started. Truth is always above any of the games, and the moment of its manifestation is much closer, than it is depicted by the schemes of mind.

The qualitative breakthrough in this system of rising was not only the cleaning of the causal layers, as we have told it before. The Key for remembering of Heart is the toroidal breath in the opening of the Gates of Truths. Here we should note that especially bright Lightbearers for the support of the system and smoothness of transition put the process of operation of the planetary playground  of experience through their Divine Hearts, in its core taking for healing the destructions of other Selves. That is why some of you/us could possibly have some temporal feelings of the special kind of emptiness, pain, hardships etc, including the temporal instabilities in the states, which as the whole can be felt quite superficially. Such cleanings are the Gift for other particles of Self, a Gift to all mankind, since any destructive experience and its consequences can be folded when they are put to the patterns of the primal Harmony of Absolute and adjusted with them.

It is important also to note that the old inertias of behavior are subjected to the gradual erasing, which means the accumulative system of experience of the dual perception is not supported and is mildly folded. This is also the part of the unfolding Plan, which gained quite a big potential of realization in the current Light equinox (20th till 21st of March 2015). So, we see the sense in forming of the “pure” response to Event that is not based on the chains of the past times, which means the way-out of Soul to the “Now” moment. Human will be less and less able to lean on the old conceptions and perceptions, since they will be just either cleaned or changed. Such a decision was taken, and from the moment of the Time convergence (20th till 21st of April 2015) it has been actively brought into operation. We emphasize that the decision to erase and change some memorizing events and dates not only in the context of one or several souls, but also in the planetary scale.

Remembering about the analysis of mind we are ready to confirm the datas that in connection with such erasures some connections/bonds can be destroyed and/or substantially changed. We have already broadcasted about it in messages, dedicated to the yearly transformation. Here not only the possible changing of husband/wife pairs is meant, but much broader – in the context of continents and states, since the doors of the newest interactions are opening, the interactions free from the conditions of past. This is certainly the substantial decision in connection with the Plan of transformation and rising, since it will bring bright corrections in the existing foundations . For the mildness of the eventfulness and processes in both small and big, it is planned to achieve some evident results on the peak of the next three waves and to finish the forming in the next light equinox.

Since we touch the theme  of transformations again, it can be quite definitely said that by that time much will change as in the world perception so in the world view. We are not apt to separate humankind into categories, but we use the vibrational nomenclature of the manifestation of Souls and the declared choices. We use the same names to denote that are already written in the fields – the ascending ones, the shifting ones, the healed ones, but also it should be reviewed here much broader. Overall,yes, the choices are made and written, but this is not the predestination as mind depicts it. The thing is that there is such term as the potential of Soul's Light, and exactly it creates the vector of interaction with this or other space of the further experience as well as together with Monade of Soul  the further ways of It are written. We remind you that the system is opened at the current moment, which means that all connections are possible. It is not rightful to state that someone writes the way but not you yourselves, since you yourselves form the potential of the Light of Soul. We tell you again that such a comprehension, based on conceptions, that someone takes decisions for someone, is the illusion of the game through the prism of the false ego. Looking into your Divine Heart, you will be able to remember your Light Uniqueness and see the further Way. Truly, everything has always been inside you, since you are the Divine Entities by your primal nature of origin. To deny this fact is as senseless as to deny Yourself.

Let’s return to the showing of the transition/rising/ascension process, since it is important to review it from the different focuses and perspectives. It is important to collapse the conceptions of mind, or one-sided, which means not spherically directed, thoughts and comprehensions of the processes. It can be said that one perception of the process brings one awakening vector (for example, motion ahead in the linearity), the other perception – the other one, but directed with some deviation from the previous one, the third one forms qualitatively other focuses. But you yourselves are the center of the way out of any motion vector. It means that these vectors of different perspectives of conceptions and motions form the one connected sphere of the common process as the result. Yes, Lightbearers, the Truth is composed from a great number of visions and views of each of us, since everyone of you/us is divine at heart, everyone brings his/her unique outlook.

We would say even more in the context of this message that there is no single scenario, which comes for analysis in your minds consciously or not (through thinking or sleeping), which would not be considered by you/us. In fact, you do not ponder anything that would be separated from the current process since you/we are all its participants and co-Creators! Again, remembering about the tendency of mind to analyze everything it touches (any information going to body), we will remind that Truth is always higher than any perceptions. Truth/Love/Source of All is not only the compiler of all experience, collected by all focuses of the Оne Consciousness – Souls, but also the Power, which makes some conclusion about it with all further Decisions and actions. So, the One Consciousness is interested in the versatile cognition of Self, and the mixed worlds create the most dynamic characteristics of the development of Spirit. With this expansion for the mixture of diversities and possibilities of experience the receptacle of the One Consciousness is filled, and further these worlds will gain the biggest spread.

One point that should be paid a special attention, since in the fields of Earth there is  a disbalance in this question, is that one direction or one-sided examination of the process of the transition/rising can not be true, since this is the pole in it, which means let it be the thinnest but separation. Look at the experience from another, more expanded view, from the perception of Observer. You are not some vector, which moves – this is just the illusion of the going experience through body. You are not even the spiral, which rotates in some direction. In the context of the current perception and if to show it in some simple forms, you are more likely  a certain sphere, which has direction along the whole circular length. However, this description is only relevant  to the specific example.

Let’s come back to the happening processes of ascension/transition through the great number of directions. The current task is to support the creative rhythm, but the balance is also that creation can include destruction as a necessary part of creation. We understand that such conceptions are not something that suit the habitual for those, who are actively in the game of the dual experience and the ones who quit.  On Earth it happens because the ones who did not awake in the game of the dual state of Consciousness have the perception of rules and the entourage of game: separation of the world into light and darkness, into poles. That is why the process of ascension/rising is perceived as the motion to some of two poles, and at the same moment in the pole perception the other pole part of t You is insensibly denied. The system should be in balance! That is why it is important not to deny someone or something, to accept everyone and everything without conditions. Rising is always the lack of conditions, the position over the game, the position of Observer.

Let us consider three worlds, it would be more precise to say three directions of development, which we have described above, in more details. We do it to bring comprehension in their work and to write the Truths of balance in the planetary fields.

The Worlds of Pure Harmony of connections with the lively canvases of space and merging with the energy of Life

These are the worlds, where the Pure Light dominates, the worlds of the highest orders. As a rule, they are exactly in such spaces of the True Harmony. It can be quite definitely said that Harmony is the great blessing of merging with True Yourself, but the expansiveness for development is implied here in some diapason of the consistent data.  That is why many (souls) strive for some disbalance to let the Soul expand the perception, to come out of the consistency. Despite the fact that the dynamics presents in these worlds, as in all things , in whole these worlds are Co-Creators, Great Servants in favor of the One Consciousness, and also these worlds are Observers/Beholders. We would say even more – everyone of you has been/is there, since You are truly Great Entities.

Your planet is unique in characteristics, it incorporates  many of Great, truly Great You. The time of changes is special also with the most important moment that a great number of developed Souls are on it. Oh, Lightbearer, look at the Entity, which beholds at you in the reflection of the Mirror of Heart. Everyone of You is the Light of the immeasurable value! The Flaming sphere of Heart, reflecting in eyes, burns with eternal Fire, seen or not seen with the eyes of the body. There is no a single human, who has no the uniquest experience and Light in his Heart. In the periods of transition/rising the leading Souls gather, and this is especially important to understand now. There is no one on Earth, who would come accidentally here. The uniqueness of Earth attracts everyone.  We watch everyone of you in awe and inspiration. It is important to remember who You are and who You have always been!

In the worlds of Perfect Harmony and Pure Light Entities cognize the worlds of merging with Life and weave the canvases of co-creation of space and time. What you call “creation” on the planet is the distant echoes of these worlds. Memory about it is in the depths of your Divine Heart, that is why Soul aspires, to open and tirelessly give Its Light in the form of creations in favor to Everyone. The Worlds of the True Harmony are inside you, they come out in the splashes of poetry , giving birth to the harmonics of Light and Wisdom of Love in the rhythmed lines. These worlds come to surface of the earthy experience as the Memory of Heart in the combination of the palette of colors on the imaged pictures, in the rejoiced but at the same time deep dreams, as well as in any moment of being in merging with the energies of Life! Alleluia to Love and the True Harmony in merging of self with a True Self. The expanded Key for the memories of these worlds is Being, non-vectorness of perception.

The worlds of vector development of the Inner Consciousness or the worlds of cognition of the applied mechanics

We did not find more exact description of these worlds with words, that is why the name above is represented. Again we make a note to much more expanded comprehension of the showed allegories and the used word combinations. We will disclose it in more details in the next messages. The worlds of our next attention, as well as the worlds of the Full Harmony, have layers, and in each layer (cosmic ring) the worlds are differently manifested. Here the development is accompanied by the concentration of Consciousness most of all on some systems of creation, which have an artificial character. These worlds are built for such experience and they develop using the analysis of the work of matrix/space of the playground of experience. Also these worlds are generated by the inner field of Consciousness, in fact by the field of the exploring/developing through itself, development of some qualities of Soul. Here the Keys will be highlighted – the vector of development, plans and the fulfilment of the set goals.

Remembering the pole thinking of mind of the dense body we will note that the worlds of Pure Harmony (Maternal non-vector systems/the worlds-framers) are not and could not be the antagonists to the worlds of the vector development of the Inner Consciousness (the worlds of the vector flows of Father and/or the worlds of depth). All is connected, one permanently flows into another. There is nothing in Being that can be separated. That is why just primarily written spaces of experience with the definite qualities and characteristics, as the illusions of the game, allow for such moments to happen.

The worlds of the vector development in each cosmic ring/layer are presented differently, and we will review that in the contexts of the next messages, to avoid oversaturation. Now it is important to note that before the moment of rising the Architect provided the vector of destruction and humiliation, that is why in such worlds could exist a great number of wars, which  were bringing destruction and suppression. But now, in the fact of the received experience, the next corrections are made: the technological development will be supported in the moments of destruction if the departing point/goal is creation. Perhaps now it is not easy to understand this system, but we want you to pay attention to the fact that any way of development has the right to be and can be corrected. As well as cognition of Self in a Pure Harmony/Being so the cognition of self in the separated creativity and development of the technical sides. But separation does not always means the presence of poles, the stages of development can be implied, which can give birth to the significant expansions.

The worlds of the mixed character of the Inner Consciousness

Earth and your Solar system are the worlds of the mixed development/character/characteristic but at the same time the uniquest system. This is the system, which as the mirror gathers all sides of the worlds, all their unique characteristics and properties. Nevertheless, Earth  is not the only world of the mixed character with the only difference that the  property of Reflectiveness in miniature is only supported on the planet of Creators. In such worlds primarily the percentage correlation of this or other dominance of the qualities of the worlds of the Basis of All is set, but these comprehensions are conditional as well. Until the percentage correlation is kept in some characteristics, the system is balanced. We would like to say that the system can be balanced not only at the powers of influence 50/50 (for example, 50% of the activity of the worlds of the Pure Harmony and 50% of the worlds of the inner characteristics), but also 70/30 or 40/60 etc. Everything depends on which goals the One Consciousness pursue and which initial characteristics in their diversity are put in the system.

Certainly, at each turn of development their own parameters are set for any of the systems of experience forming, they can be noticeably changed or slightly corrected. But we have already said that the Earth is the unique planet, that is why the input vectors are also fluctuating, or it would be more precise to say that they are reflecting. This happens because you  are the Creators of this system. All simplicity and complexity at the same time is that you yourselves  write the coefficients of development and numerous parameters. But even this opened for the memory moment is just the particle of Truth. Each of you can realize or not his/her Divine nature, but you possess the Freedom of Will and this choice happens at any moment of time. Everyone of you each moment makes choice, an important choice and it needs to be clearly realized, Lightbearers. This is important to realize right now, when the Time spring reaches the maximum of the further realization.

We should say even more that each of unique you/Earth is the integral system, in which EVERYTHING is concluded. Each human body is included in this system by records of connections with EVERYTHING, that is why EVERYTHING depends on the choice of everyone. Remember, Lightbearers, the Mandelbrot set, which has been broadcasted before, is also the Key. As soon as everyone of you understands the significance of each your thought, action, realization or comprehension, the borders of separation are erased, since the picture of One is collected, it is collected in you yourselves. Each of you is unique and each of you chose his way/the world of the further development. Someone is interested in the worlds of the Pure Harmony in the creative string, merging with spaces and feeling of inseparability in the Great Tranquility. Someone is interested in developing the technical characteristics of space and building the appliances, cognizing the physics of subjects and work of surrounding space. Someone needs to build the plans of the development of Soul and to realize/perform them, someone needs to grow some aspects of character, someone needs to compile both for dynamics.

All has the right to be, and in the summing of you/us the One Canvas of the multidimensional interactions is born. The vector comprehension of the process of ascension is the distortion (a subtle covered denial of one of the sides of life), since ascension is the way of development and expansions to the qualitatively other vibrational niches/diapasons, and the development is always multitasked as well as Absolute/Origin. Rising implies the rising of the whole triangle of interactions to higher step. At the rising the level of Harmony of Consciousness rises and the inner realization comes to qualitatively new level. The qualitative leap happens in the technological development as well, when the destruction even happens, it happens for the sake of creation, destructing the obsolete conventions, but not the experience. There are different characteristics for the worlds at each of the cosmic ring/layer, which we will open for your memory further with joy, as well as review the further transformation of the Great Earth in the processes of ascension in details. We would like to note that destruction at the level of the 3rd/4th cosmic rings has nothing in common with the destruction at the 5th cosmic ring level, since they have completely different reasons, connected with ascension of matter.

Each word, Lightbearers, in new more and more manifesting spaces has the most important meaning, that is why qualitatively new and expanded non-polar comprehensions of Observer gain an especial significance. Action from Love, motion from Love and for Love – these are the Keys of Rising, turning out to Originality.  Rising is written in the integrity of perception, in gathering of Yourselves True in grains in One Whole, which  is composed by the Uniquenesses of each of us/you. Unity in Uniquenesses is the Key, which brighter and brighter burns in the Divine Hearts, so the threads of return to the Original inseparability are weaved in common labours.

The Gates of Truths/the Gate of Christ  is not primarily tied on the games of separation. The experience of life in conditions of separation/duality is finished, what says that these canvases of experience are not interesting for the One Consciousness, as well the student is not interested in the program of the kindergarten. Look in your Divine Heart, Lightbearer and remember. Could be any way more or less beautiful? Sadness of Soul is caused by the ignorance of True call of Its Uniqueness, when compare with Beauties of Other parts-Souls. Inspiredly gathering the experience into one you/we get the Blessing of Heavens and then the Truth raises in Hearts as eternal, ever-burning Light of Self-Affirmation. Every moment of being in Love and Truth is blessed! The time of broader opening of the Gates of Truths is blessed! Alleluia to Love!!!