Fiery transformation. Living texture of Creation.

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A bow to You, Light Bearers, and your Color Uniqueness spreaded out by Shining and influence of your Hearts! Light always embraces Light without any separations and we also merge with You in cocreative dance in a state of incessancy, for the Divine Continuum is manifested brighter and brighter in Radiant you/us. Alleluia to Love! Colors of Light ranged along the rainbow line (visible spectrum) and Sounding of new spectrum of Life are blooming in One planetary Heart and strengthen the fullness of unique colors of Light-Sound manifestation of a new Life in every moment. Lightworkers, we are starting the OmTaRaOm mode and this is the fifth ascended mode of interchange from Light to Light! Indeed, this is the Great attainment of the Beauty of Spirit and Its manifestation in the most fragmented layers of Light manifestation.

Speaking more widely, as the epochs differ in their sounding spectrum, so in the threshold shift they vary notably and characterized by the opening of Flower and Color (colored spectrum of Light) of Life. Unfolding of new Color of Life is preceded by the manifestations of new characteristics of space. There were the Colors of spiritual awakening, heralded the Shining of the Way of Joy - Krishna, Colors of the Way of Silence – Buddha, Сolors of the Way of Acceptance and Love – Christ. Finally, the Bud of Unity of Unique Light blooms and it unites all Ways of Spirit into One Sphere of manifestation and fixation of the Christ Consciousness’ Crystal.
After the unfolding of it the Fire transformation enters the phase of manifestation and space/time actively begins to change its quality characteristics. Alleluia to Love!
As long as we are talking about the Fiery transformation it should be noted for your memory that the Fiery transformation is understood as concentration of Fires in Divine Heart. It goes through the cultivation of the Divine Purity of unique way for every Soul with the arising over the flows of the “false ego” (we talked about it before). Fire in the Divine Heart not only purifies the obsolete structures, but also builds new ones.
Planet Earth as the part of unified structure with the Divine Child – Human also goes through the Fiery transmutation, that is why the volcanic activity is only a small part of the reflected processes. Smoothing of the planetary flows of transformation runs by means of permanent harmonization of the united fields of Humanity’s Consciousness. Similarly to this process the smoothing of painfulness in transformations of some factors and human bodies goes through the coming out to the Divine Balance.  
It is important for you now to recall that you are a united structure with the planet and if the planetary splashes arise in the form of weather conditions (we have told that they are anchored to the level of emotions), volcanic/fire activity or other forms, this is the reflection of disharmony in the common fields of the whole humanity. Net of the Fire of transformations is increasingly intensified now and this is a part of necessary processes, manifesting the nets to the surface of matter. However, we remind you again that you are connected with the One Divine Heart of the planet and now you are also in connection with One Galaxy Heart. The Key is an opened system of interactions. By your and our common efforts such kind of deviations are registered and balanced. The Plan of transformations was announced as a mild requantization and launch of the Divine Continuum and it goes that way. Any fears concerning the ascension (transition) are only the result of your involvement in game and your faith in the well co-ordinated work of obsolete structures,  confronting the new energies but, in fact, feeding these structures.

Wonderful Light Being, look in your Divine Heart and you’ll see the beauty of many and many worlds for you are created as the Greatest fount of Wisdom of One Consciousness. Only you allow or not yourself to manifest the one who you really are from your birth. Remember! Light manifests the Knowledge (we have already used this analogy) but we can say in other words to simplify the presentation and your understanding. Spirit is also compiled, but at the same time omnipresent Knowledge. The simplicity and at the same time the Greatness of plan is that Human is able to concentrate the Spirit into body through the Fire, which means to unite many and many experiences into the One Fire Rut [path] of Incessancy. We are delighted and excited about this potential (of opportunities) that is opened by the Fiery transformation!

Yes, Wonderful ones, the Spirit could anchor very closely to a body that raised the Fiery Oneness in the opened system of interconnections through the mitochondrion cells, using the mitochondrion bridges. The Key to the memory is Fiery Oneness. From this perspective the Spirit is compiled streaming  Knowledge or the Power of a Kin. The Key is a Primal Wisdom of the Divine Child. We have also told you previously that if cellular regulation doesn’t work correctly or matrix DNA is out of order because of the unclean food, thoughts or way of life, then Knowledge has no opportunity to concentrate into the levels of matter because the structures of matter are closed for it. So the Knowledge of Truths can not be realized and understood by Human.
At the same time the information taken from outside is accepted/realized, but when you use as a base the information of another KINd, which only with the fact of arising from outside is not a Knowledge, because the Knowledge is a depth and Shining of Inner Spirit/ Original Essence.
This information (of another KINd or in other words extraneous) is extremely differed now in a spectrum of records in the planetary fields.

However, it should be noted that any interpretation of this extraneous information  distances you from your Divine Essence, because initially it was gained not from inside of you. That is why we remind you about the importance of diving into the Beauty of your Divine Heart and emancipate yourselves from this habit to search the information outside. All Keys have always been inside you and  they are still there, you should only help them to crop up – to turn to the Original state.
A great number of messages that we register in the planetary fields were a part of the necessary experience for distinction, but now they become one of the main traps for the Consciousness from the rulers of shutting down system. So, the ones who seek for the knowledge get the replacement/exchange of orienting points and Souls who aspire to the coming Light of Truths get the exchange/illusion of Truth. The manipulation with  the spiritual attention changes the spiritual growth with the illusion of it, it also creates a semblance of evolution while the real evolution is just a return to your own Original state in other words the remembrance of your Divine Essence. The Key is the Wisdom of Kin. Remember Your True Selves, Lightbearers! Whom or what are the spiritual schools and numerous sects trying to awake? Game in spirituality, constant reading and correction of illusory imperfections are also a game and a binding to the game matrix. This illusion falls apart like a card castle by the single comprehension that you were and always are Divine and Wonderful. True Work is the Joy of Giving, True opening is the Silence of Heart, and True Praying is Love!

The one who resides in Love and Joy, realizes the beauty of Silence of God’s Sounding, his or her unique contribution in a polyphony of Sounding of the United Consciousness of Love in a Divine Continuum of exchanges of Gifts of all and everything, including himself/herself with all and everything. The one who resides in Love is eternal in his Praying! The one who resides in Joy is eternal in Glorifying the Life! The one who resides in Silence hears the Voice of Heart! Remember, Wonderful ones!
We are not apt to analyze the necessity of any messages because in the opened system numerous channels are allowed. Speaking wider, in fact, everyone is a channel with such expansion that he/she allowed him/herself to fix, at the opening of the system.

However, it is important to turn the focus of your attention to the thing that such kind of transmissions have a highly specialized energoinformational flow with unique characteristics while the signatures and even the meaning are often distorted because of the game involvement.
That is why these transmissions could create barriers in a Light manifestation not only in those who adjoin such channels (the ones who read the messages), but firstly in those who transmit these messages into the planetary space. Any space not excepting planetary is alive and it has a response manifested in a space reactions.
A necessary rule, during the Light work in an opened system is the Light Responsibility of Love, so focus on this extremly imporatnt area of your memories, Beloved ones.
The Truth always arises from inside and the instructions from outside are the illusion. Is it right to trust and follow the things coming from the illusion? Remember that God is Love, and Love creates and supports Life. Should we worship Love, when it was created just for BEING and manifesting itself as Love, in other words as its true Essence that created all and everything? Remember! You don’t need to search the truth because it is everywhere but it is opened only when you/we are ready for it. The silence of the Divine Heart is the Key that opens the Truth.  Remember, Lightbearers! Every current moment gives birth to another current moment; landmarks of the past and secrets of the future are interlaced in every single moment.
There is Life/Love/God in every moment. Delight/Joy of Life in every moment of it gives you an Answer in different ways - the Light of Truth. Remember!
Let’s return to the conception of OmTaRaOm transmission, since now the factors of happenings are on the lowest (level of) manifestation, i.e. the process description, and it is transmitted in a cycle from the Sphere. It means that time frames are not always understood correctly, especially if the flow sequence of mind of a dense body in Light discretisation is still great. The Key for the memory of Heart is the time vector. Time sphericity means the inhomogeneity of a Light manifestation or Light flow (everyone of you/us are unique and we differ in a Light manifestation) and in that case the description via the consecution of actions/transformations/achievements forms an incomplete picture of what is happening. Keeping in mind about the interpretations of mind, we could say that obvious and possible interpretations of deviations will be marked and explained to you in a usual way.
Let’s remember and focus on a more expanded perception of the time flow. Basically, OmTaRaOm regime has the conception of a incessancy of the time flow.

As the Divine Incessancy was fixed in planetary fields we can use now the galactic perception of time on a 5th octave of the 9 stage tonic.
The Sounding Consciousness of the Universe can be viewed upon the request of space by means of visual images in a video. As it was announced there are three flows of time, known as the “past”, “present” and “future” on Earth. Previously, we have examined them through the time shells of experience.
The Divine Heart controls the shell motion on the planet, including the accumulation and realization of the Earth’s experience and the experience of many worlds too. The Divine Heart also does it through the Triplicity of fixed Fires of the Divine Faith, Divine Cocreation and Divine Love. Within the frames of this message we remind you again that the planet Earth is a multiconnected planet – the transformer with the Fire core as its regulator, just as the body of Divine Human has the Fire center too.  
This information is covered by us in great volume and also widely through the Channel of New Trinity as we are the direct part of it.

Again we would like to notice that the planet Earth is unique initially both its characteristics and laying of the programs as it is the consolidation of numerous experiences of Creation. Nevertheless, we should mark that it should not be confused with the Libraries of experience gaining, which now are in processes of enriching, starting with the curators of system. Understanding and vision of the triadic flows, penetrating the whole living texture of Creation, is also the foundation for OmTaRaOm regime penetration – centered regime of the chords of transmission.

In the current regime of manifested form there is no sequence of images in the usual sense and the triadic queue of times (past-present-future) is spinning in rings (the galaxy plasma vortex) and in the expanded view (from the 5th tone) in spirals. Since the time is directly relevant to the space then it also crooks exactly the space does, accelerating the information penetration. The Key for the memory of Heart is quantization of superjacent row (layer).

Here is a fitting example for your understanding, as this is the key description. There are a great number of rivers on Earth with two sides at every moment of time. We can imagine that the main flow is *the present* while two riversides (the left and the right ones) are *the past* and *the future*. The river flows into the sea, then the sea joins the ocean and as the Earth is spherical, this water flow becomes looped. It means that in every *Now* moment the past and the future coexist and they are objectively real; the absence of the fixation of it is more like a fish in waters, where the fish can not realize the water in full, since it is constantly surrounded by water. But the ones who stay on the bank can watch the stream without doubts. In such representation (“on the riverside” or beyond the game) the vector of past and future in its ordinary way is erased, it means that past doesn’t happen BEFORE the NOW moment and the future will not happen AFTER -because the time always coexists!

In such presentation the games of time travels are real and simple more than ever, yet the incomprehension of the parallelism of flows can give rise to time clash in minds when you meeting yourself on a different time sections. In general model a living tissue of Creation stands on a time braids but at the same time that tissue is you/we in every moment of time. If to simplify the presentation, you/we all make every moment as the manifestation of living space. It is not the human who flows through the time (as it considered to be in sequence of time perception) or the space that changes and realizes step by step, but every single moment forms the next one.

Generally, all moments are printed in a multidimensionality, in motion and depth like on the photographic tape that rolled spherically like a peeled orange skin, highlighting some picture of a living realization or other. However, such kind of understanding applied to the worlds of dense and close to dense bodies.
The sequence of attitude (world perception) was necessary and it remains in worlds of discrete forms for research of the formation of moments of life and to control the chain of cause and effect relationships. As soon as the level of perception lifts to the parallelism and after that to the sphericity, the goals (motion vectors from the origin to the realization) are replaced by the Presence (the sphere of perception). We show you how the movement to Presence goes by focusing the attention, the way to which is manifested by the Beauty of the Divine Heart in understanding of the Divine Incessancy and Divine Connectedness (connectedness of all and everything).
We are delighted that such kind of fixation took place, it means that many Beautiful you/us have nurtured the Fire of Connectedness that activates the rings of Divine Incessancy. Indeed, this is the Great achievement of Spirit in the worlds of high corpuscularity of Light. Alleluia to Beauty and Power of Love!
At the first stages of manifestation the rings of Divine Incessancy have a fragmented character and they grow to toral incessancy. It goes in a process of growing and strengthening the Light of Love and realizing the Oneness of all and everything – the Divine Connectedness. Initially, the Divine Incessancy can be formed from 5 or 7 rings, which vertically run through the Divine Heart, and then rings are multiplied with the Shine of the Divine Heart and frame the entire torus of Light Manifestation.

Such torus fully supports not only the realization of yourself as a Divine Unit but also adjusts (or controls the set of operations for the alignment of constructions and structural elements) the texture of space/time we talked about in the frames of this message.
We will uncover further in more details the things manifested as a request in spaces, and it means can be uncovered, using the handy and schematic video.
Now, it is important to note that sphericity of time perception in OmTaRaOm regime doesn’t paint the sequence of images, but deals with the transformations of One in some focuses of attention. Now, speaking about the important moments of fixation the one or another states on planet, including the structure related to human, the key point is not the temporal factor (the factor of perception from the linearity vector/line) but the factor of memories that optimally should be noticed at the current time to form the next moment or moments. The Beauty of manifestation of many Wonderful you is such that cocreation and exchange of flows in the Divine Continuum and Connectedness reach a complete manifestation in worlds of the most dense form, Lightbearers. This is a truly Great step that was born by the Might of Heart of the Divine Child – Human!

You/we enter the new path of manifestation – the path of Cocreation all over the line of Alfa-Omega manifestation with the birth of Divine Incessancy!
A bow to you, Radiant ones, both for the moments of descending into the deepest depth of Light corpuscularity and for the moments of return to your Divine Core – Home. As Creators and CoCreators Human activates the structures of interaction with the living texture of Creation by means of Fiery transformation. Blessed is that moment, blessed is the time of this manifestation! Alleluia to Love and to the Divine potential, opening now and this is like a birth of Star!