Opening the multidimensionality

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With the Light of Incessancy OmTaRaOm we continue the broadcast for the activation of your deep opening memory as the basics of coming back from the active dream of the game of separation. We greet you again with inspiration, actually without separating with you for a single moment, Loved Lightbearers! With each inhale of Love, even broader opening Its embraces, the Great Breath of Self-Awareness penetrates the deepest corpuscularities of Light. It means that the deepness of comprehension, or it would be more precise to say the Feeling of Unity, literally penetrates and nourishes space. These penetrations allow to brighter and brighter anchor the influences of the expanded fluctuations of Light at the level of the 5th dimension. We remind you once again that the 3rd and 4th levels of the Light manifestation are some integral image, that is why it is not rightful to speak of the expansion from 3rd to 4th level. It can be conditionally interpreted that the unevenness of series (3,5 etc) is some felt spectrum of stability, and the evenness (4,6 etc) is the additional and transitional one. Speaking  of such terms, we would note it once again that basically we support such nomenclatures only for the mutual comprehensions with the levels of the discrete Light, but in the process of the Divine Incessancy manifestations these separations lose any sense. At the request we are ready to transmit the images and descriptions of the Light Strings/Soundings/Tones.

Now it is important to focus your attention again, Loved ones, on the fact, that just only your body of the biological format can’t serve a priori as something that depicts your true image. That is why we initially noted and additionally describe minimally three more bodies (ethereal, sensational and mental ones). One body/bodies even in the layers of the discrete manifestation of Light incessantly influence the other ones, constantly being in the mutual exchanges.  So can we say that the physical body of the three-dimensional format does not include the constantly moving, but nevertheless comprehensible forth format of more subtle bodies? The fourth dimension (Maternal embracing aspect) sets to the third dimension (Father aspect) the rhythms of development , complementing it. It is important to remember, Loved ones, that everything in the world is primarily built at the principle of integrity and the united rhythms of Love literally penetrate everything. Blessed is the moment of growing and deep embrace of Father and Mother, which means the increase of the penetrating speeds of Light’s motion between 3rd and 4th formats, which leads to the accelerations of flows in the chains of cause-effect connections as well, the information about which have been transmitted before.

The Divine Incessancy more and more reveals the originality of images, when you and radiated by you emanations of Light are the one and perceived construction, manifesting your true selves through the world view, formation of thoughts, depth of sensitivity, purity of intentions etc. We would say even broader in this context, that the Ascended Teachers perceive you as the one image of body and glowing.  And when you expand with the inhale of the Unity in Love, they see you as ONE with the shining body of Gaia, formed in the 3rd dimension with the dense body and subtle bodies in the 4th dimension, radiating Light. We as a part of you perceive your focused Flow of the Divine Consciousness in the form of sphere of the unique potential of possibilities and also the measure of its realization/manifestation. Of course, each of you has  some “Light signature”, which is characterized first of all with the measure of compression of the Light spring, which means the accumulated Experience,  and now the Experience/Power of all the Monade, and in the expansion of the entire Tree/Trees as well. The topic of Trees will be examined further for the concentration on this aspect. We consider it important to note once again that any experience is admitted as the basis of the grown Light Power, since at the rising of Consciousness at the level of non-separation the terms of comparison and evaluation lose any sense, Loved ones.

Certainly, ego separation even on the way of spiritual perfection can fill the manifestation with ambitions, for example in desire to be recognized or rewarded for one’s labors.  But, Lightbearers, remember that where all IS ONE, there is no one to stand out with merits, since anyone moving in the cognition of Spirit is highly appreciated.  Difference/differentiation (if such a word is suitable at all)  is just in the verges of manifestation and the depth of openness of the Unique Light as the Gift for all particles, comprising ONE. But the differences are very conditional as well, since the manifestation itself, at the opening of the Light image, starts its inflow in other manifestation. A true recognition, Loved ones, is born with any moment of Giving, each of which is equal  in the current “Now”. It is born from inside you with the Light of Love, and this is the most important of all mysteries and miracles, Beautiful ones! Namely Love manifests the depth and filling of your Sounding at any moment “Now”, namely it fortifies the core of your uniqueness as if to transfix for the realization of the Greatness of the multidimensional core of you – the core of God-Creator!

A Human being constantly looks for miracles, but if he would allow himself to see, how beautiful his own Heart is, which just Loves, than he would see that he himself is the Miracle! Sometimes you look for some ways of service in the attempts of expansion of your Light, when the life in Love itself is the greatest of all services! Each transformation of feelings of the destructive character to the emanations of the Light of Love is the Gift/present to everyone, Loved ones.  Everything that happens inside you in  its core concerns not only you but the entire space as well.  You leave the trace each moment, the trace of thoughts and feelings, emotional experiences and strains, and it depends only on you which trace it is, whether it is filled with a true harmony and joy. Putting on numerous experiences on one thread, allow yourself to distantly watch the choices, which you make, remembering that there are no and there can’t be any judgings over them. The only important thing is how much the Light Grain of God has grown in you/us. And now, comprehending even more deeper your core and the responsibility of the moment, remember, that at any moment of time three Divine Origins/Fires can flare up and instantly shine all your way with the Light of Realization, building qualitatively other roads, where Love is the primal cause. Love will give birth to its child in manifestation – Gratitude!

Each moment is priceless and there is choice in each of them, the beginning and the end are in every moment, an endless sequence of moments is Life itself!  The way you are at any current moment, manifests your truthfulness, how much you are filled with Love and gratitude how much you are close to Truth. What were you like or what will you become is an illusion, since just in the moment “Now” you can really BE/I AM, and not to illusionary be, immersed in the illusions of experience. Of course, the inertias of the past and the plans for future have their power, but namely the current “Now” with Love from the center of chest gives birth to the multivector fulfilment of plans, Lightbearers! Awakening is the Openness (openness of Heart), which is not protected/widely opened in the fact of its existence. Right this unprotectedeness  is Trust in its core, and Trust gives birth to fearlessness.  When you are open with Heart, the flows of Love expand and the Divinely great process is launched, which can be named as the Filling/Fountaining Bliss. In this miraculous state of Presence/I AM a true state of things is revealed – their primal inseparability. This is the inseparability of Light and Darkness, as the verges  of the One cognition of Being, of the good and bad  in the subjectiveness of their forms, and in the end, the inseparable unity inside the collected image, merge of Life and Death at the waves of development in ONE.

The Primal Inseparability is the core and basis of all, as well as what gives birth to the Divine Incessancy. We point to this focus of perception so many times because right this torn from outside of you Basis manifests the Realization of Eternity or the Beauties of Amaranth. But even when we operate with the expression “remember”, it can be said that the state is described for the comprehension with mind. Our goal is to  the unite the Shining of the Divine Heart (Alpha) with the realization of “I AM what I AM” here and now (Omega), multiply rethreading in the manifested/anchored spectrum the connectedness of  Alpha and Omega, writing new flows in the planetary and united fields. The callings themselves “to remember” or “to forget” are also the forms of the discrete images, since it is impossible to forget something true, as well as the remembering just raise on surface what has always been in you, Lightbearers. You ARE the Key, as well as the Answer is inside you, since all around is I/You/We/You etc. – the ONE.

Do you make any differentiations or separation of air into compounds, when you inhale it, - oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ozone etc.?  Do you really build the separate molecules in some consequence/linearity to inhale them afterwards? Maybe in the moments of inhale and exhale you give them names, describe their tasks and functions, and just after that you inhale it? These are rhetorical questions. All is ONE, Beautiful Ones! And this Truth of the Primal Incessancy of all and everything  returns you to the True Yourselves, and it is being opened in you with each moment of allowance for non-separation. Quantum connectedness/coming in the Divine Heart is the state, which manifests the accessibility for the feeling of the Primal Oneness and which develops through everyone in the understandable/accessible regime. Everything exists and coexists, all is constantly connected, it  is not separated from each other in any way, and just the probabilistic  characteristics of the subtle matter manifest this or other its quality through matter by means of thought.

This description, Lightbearers, is the basics of the comprehension of the work of multidimensionality, the realization of which brighter and brighter manifests in the planetary fields, and about which we are glad to talk to you now.

Since we have started to examine the multidimensional collectiveness, than we would say it even broader. As well as the religious structural formations, so are the ceremonial rites, and many other structures work on the faith of those, who feed these structures, nurturing the egregor grounds of the mutual exchanges, sometimes even more supporting the game of separation with the rituality. In more details  on the layers of expansion, which would be more and more further manifesting it can be depicted in the following way . The net of Saints is the common/one energy of praying, the states of Consciousnesses in Beauty of Acceptance,  but in no way this is a number of the separated images, even though it includes all the images of Saints.  Nets of Mothers of God is the one  emanation of the Humble Love etc. Nevertheless, it is important to note that giving some conditional names or characteristics of the Love manifestation, as before we imply true beauties of the manifestation of the Light of Love.

More and more coming to the depths of comprehension of Inseparability, the images of forms in the kind of personages comprehensible for mind (for example, Angels, Teachers, Guardians etc. in the human form) go to the levels of the Eternal and All-existing Spirit. This Spirit does not have any separation into compounds.  It is always close, since it embraces/surrounds everyone, as the air, flowing around you, if to use the allegories.  It is important for you to raise to surface the memories that the Angels are multidimensional, they don’t have and don’t hold any personal characteristics, since they penetrate everything, and the creation of some images for them is some kind of form of perception, supporting the discrete Light. Considering the Archangels of the seven Rays of dense matter development in this focus, also at the current moment (a focus from the Sphere of Incessancy) we consider it important to note that at the exhale to the Fields of Inseparability (5th and 6th string/dimensions) such  differentiations lose any sense, since the Light Aspectics is considered to be developed/cognized, that is why folded into the Unity.  For a more expanded comprehension it can be said otherwise – the Rays of Service coexist in this Sounding, they are not differentiated into the separate spectrum. If to say it simpler, then each Ray at any moment “Now” is complemented by another Ray, that is why the fixation on one Light is not implied from the beginning.  At the levels of the 5th and 6th dimensions all is connected with everything without the discretization of Light, but nevertheless in the opening Uniquenesses it exists at the simultaneous being in Unity! Blessed is the moment of rising in Light as well, Loved ones!

We consider it to be important to write these extremely significant moments of current transformations in the current moment, since any bordering in many Beautiful you, even in such thinnest focuses, still keeps you being hooked on the old images. Any hooks on the lived through experience, which has already crystallized into the Wisdom of Love, do not allow to fulfil the full-scaled opening of you for the Light Unity. God, the Holy Spirit and other images have never been something separate from you/us, since GOD/SPIRIT IS ONE and EVERYTHING in different manifestations.  Separation of yourself from God and placing him on the altar, and maybe the creation of some images of Him for the worshipping,  in its core manifest separation and giving of form to something that does not have any form. If to speak of forms, it would be more precise to say that GOD, which IS ALL, does not have some fixed form with some given characteristics, since all is in a constant motion and develops in cognition. Remember, Beautiful ones,  if ALL CREATION is not ONE, which means HE/YOU/WE? Does not HE penetrate all around with His Breath? Does not he breathe through the tree, does not he bloom in the flower, does not he run in the image of gazelle etc? Does not HE watch the world through your eyes, radiating Light in the Beauty of the Shining Heart and which unite all these numerous images? It is important to raise on surface the memory of Unity from the depths of Truthfulness, since Human is created to unite but never to disconnect.  God simultaneously does not bear any characteristics and bears an infinite number of them.  The image of the quantum all-embracing coverage and all-connectedness will suit the best for the depth of comprehension. Where the focus of attention of Love is, (and in the quantum of the Divine Heart everything happens instantly and without limitations), and where the attention is carried away (in what it is involved), which means the current Thought, so the matter behaves itself, since God-Creator is the matter in the current miracles of Thoughts and images.

Certainly, the linearity of thinking sets the rhythms of isolation and limitation, as well as classifying, giving the characteristics to the things and processes, since this is the job of mind of the left whirls. Such work is necessary for the cognition of the fragmented areas of Light.  But when the time of manifestation of Light of Incessancy from inside to the surface of Consciousness comes, one characteristics start to smoothly flow into the others, then it becomes not that simple to set the parameters or to set clearly definite descriptions to the same image. Ambiguity of manifestation starts to play the lead role there, since multidimensionality itself (or the depth of Light manifestation) implies these ambiguities. It is important to remember that from the beginning nothing definitely good or bad exists, that is why the descriptions in the kind of words or thoughts, impulses for such extremes do not exist, it can be said that they are not quite comprehensible and narrow for Heart.

Such an example would be suitable in this case, when, let’s say, you have been asked to describe a TV. You will tell about its form, size, color and perhaps about the program, which have been shown at this given moment, giving it some definite coloring depending whether you liked it or not. But what would happen, if we start to constantly switch the channels or if we manifest several windows on one screen? Would it be possible to describe this device and its functionality in one way? So the Human in the multidimensionality of his true nature of God-Creator plays different roles from reincarnation to reincarnation, filling the receptacle of experience, writing in the allegory of images a number of channels and programs in TV. As the brightness and saturation of the programs, so the number of the channels do not bear  and cannot bear any definite characteristics, so there are no judgments about the lived tracks of incarnations. Cognizing and comprehension of these images is put in the moments of attunements of the receiving antenna (conditionally speaking, the antenna of TV), which is written through all the line of multidimensionality – from the wave Light to the deepest layers of the fragmented Light. In more detalization, which means watching of the multidimensional projection structure  of Human until his most dense part, the pineal gland is that finishing antenna in the dense body.

We have already focused your attention on that the Feeling of the world is that Key, which promotes the opening of the manifestation of your Divine core. Fixation on Feeling develops intuition, and intuition is that bridge, which connects in one the left-sided and right-sided whirls of the thought formation. Nevertheless, without the allowing for the development of imagination it is not easy for the scales of epiphysis to open to their originality. That is why we consider it important to note the moments of opening of Emotionality together with the moments of Feeling. Ligthbearers, imagination lies in the core of the true comprehension of the world order, since as we have shown it before, there is nothing in Existing, which does not exist from the beginning due to the fact of the appeared and manifested Thought of Creator. Imagination in Sensibility is the Keys to Yourselves, which allow to open the stiff forms and to lead all the system to the flexibility, they allow the system to start the motion to the transformation. Certainly, misbalancing of flows can lead the way of Imagination to the “having one’s head in the clouds”, when the right-sided whirls of future start to prevail. It used to be shown in the last messages, that is why we will note just once again that the balancing of both origins (Male and Female aspects, the right and left flows) is necessary, since all is integral and ALL IS ONE. At the primal message/flash of Feeling (Female transforming way) the Realizations should equally manifest (Male anchoring aspect).

Separation itself manifests the instability of images and the ways of motion, as the result the increasing deepening in the discreetness of the Light perception starts to occur.  No matter how true/right would the motion of the linear logic of mind seem at first, this motion is instable, since it evaluates and separates everything. The world is integral in its primal nature – the nature of God-Creator. World is not linear, even though there is the chain of the linear images, but we would say/show it broader, that the development is not the chain of images in consequence, as well as the developing crowns of the Monadic Trees are not consequential/linear ones. Such images, which means the images of the Monade through the branchy Trees, opening/growing according to Fibonacci series, were given in the outgoing epoch of separation as the symbol description of the Unity of ALL. They were given for the anchoring of comprehension of unity and the common all-connectedness, but never as the symbol of opening/expansion/development.  That is why it is important to remember that each bud/ flower/fruit is the reflection of the Whole, as well as each small contains the Whole, as it has been shown for example through the Mandelbrot set/fractality of Mandelbrot.

In the non-linear perception it is more convenient to imagine the Tree of Monade/Monades in all opening multidimensionality as the constantly intertwining and moving lace. In each intersection of threads there are many and many of you/we present, which constantly flow from one into the other in some set coefficients and percentages by the way of mixing. Wherein, considering the conditionality of showing, one Monadic Tree in such image/representation has some certain set of threads of connections and colors/hues of Light cognition, that can be called the accents of Love. These threads create a unique pattern of Monade, and the more difficult this pattern is, the more filled the experience in the accents of the set by the ONE Consciousness goal will become. At the completion of cycles, one of which is happening now, the foldings of Experiences of a great number of Monades in the One pattern are possible. Such foldings happen with the intersection of experiences/threads of Monades by the way of superposition and rethreadings of one with others in the Whole. This comprehension has been presented by the Channel of the New Trinity through the unfolding in the form of addition of the Trees of Monades of Supersouls. Now we consider it is important to note, since there is the readiness of space in such a focus of perception of multilayerdness, that the mutual penetration of threads of connections at all the layers of the learned Light manifestation is actually happening and has already partially happened , which means not only huge formations of Supersouls, but the cosmic Souls as well. Alleluia to Love!

Since such memories are important for the growing anchoring of the planetary multidimensionality through you/us, as well as for a deeper comprehension of opening of Light, the following images can be presented as well. Let’s imagine the neuron nets with the bunch of fibers, collected in the fragmented centers, where each fragment constantly communicates with other Self. But there is also the One Basis of Ruling, which diversely embraces with itself/surrounds all other areas, in the allegory this is like the air. If to draw the analogies with the Monadic Trees, than each knot of such a neuron net is equal, as well as connected with everyone, which means Monade is actually you/we in the diversity of interactions as the neurons  of one multidimensional net. What is shown as the One Core of a Tree, is the consolidated experience of Monade, but it does not have the center in the common perception and it cannot have the one. The common/consolidated experience cannot have some fixed area, since it is diluted in each Self and is in a constant multidimensional motion.  The most important thing which we would like to note in these images is that it is not rightful to show development as the motion from point to point, since such a perception primarily supports the vector-direction of the motion of images. Vector-direction strengthens the frames of consequence and linearity, which do not correspond the true motion in development, since it is always spherical in its aspiration for a full-embracing coverage.

Turning once again to the images of the Tree of Monade as the branchy Tree, it can be noted that thin branches can be the point focuses of Monade, where the percentage of the descended potential is declared weekly due to the necessity of the detailed working-outs.  When solving  big  and expanded tasks, a significant diapason of the Light of Monade is descended, and then, conditionally, the branch of the Tree looks thicker. But in any variant the division of Souls into smaller images, and then their linear growth, is just a very small part of the expansion of the Light of Monade. One spectrum of the Uniqueness of Light (Self as the unit of Monade) constantly and unstoppably flows with the particles of Light from incarnation into incarnation and into other Selves (One), mixing for experience and again dividing.  It is important to remember the multitude of One, Lightbearers! Multitude, in which the perception about past lives as about someone as a single Self, travelling for experience, is just the linear and isolated perception, and no more than that.  In the same time track you can be presented even on Earth simultaneously in several images, you can be merged in some percentage containings of the One Flow of Consciousness with your current grandmothers, fathers, mothers, wives, children, grandsons or just friends. Monade (and in the current moment and in expansion further this is the union of Monades) is not something separated, but vice versa this is constantly fortifying unity of all particles (Souls). Monade (and further Monades in the measure of folding) is the one substance of Spirit and experience, where everyone is equally honored among everyone, everyone bears responsibility for others/everyone. Working-out the accents of the declared Light presentation as the Whole/One Consciousness and as one’s own part (if to watch it from the focus of the ego-isolation), Monade always strives to expand experience and the One Light, as well as it strives to the expanded merging.  Loved ones, these focuses are necessary and especially important in the current moment of threadings/foldings of experiences of the finishing cycle.

But  let’s come back, Lightbearers, to Imagination in Sensuality, including the Emotionality, watching Them as the Keys of opening of the multidimensionality of images. The fifth dimension, in which you are in some focuses, expands in you (or you expand in it, which is basically the same) with the anchoring there, through the comprehension/remembering of Truths of Love by you, which is possible just in one’s own Divine Heart. We will remind that our task as before is in building of bridges to your multidimensional core, the Gates to which are minimally at the plank of the 5th-6th strings of Creation/dimensions. There are so many layers of your/our manifestation of Love, as many you can Imagine. At the levels of the Light Unity a Thought works through Imagination, it gives birth to reality at each moment of the Light Intention. It is quite possible to feel all presented forms of this level, essentially, flowing from one dimension into another according to necessity, or being everywhere at once, including being beyond limits of the Earth, Solar system etc, if the Breath of Inseparability of all images of Monade/Monades is enough. It becomes possible because the known criteria of space is significantly changed for the renewed Unity. Nevertheless, we consider it important to note once again that the linearity of the thought-forming can significantly compress the structures of such manifestations, which are being prepared on the planet, but they can be partially blocked at some Lightbearers because of  the insufficient flexibility of Consciousness and the incomplete release from the conceptions of game .

The focus on the levels of emotions is also not accidental, which are mostly supported by the Female energies of transformation in the integral streams of flowing of Consciousness. Emotions are also the Key, which helps to open the old  Locks at the opening of your Divine core, since through them, through opening of them as well, you cognize Yourself deeper. Sensibility is not the bright emotionality, but  the sincere emotion of Love gives birth to Sensibility, helping to enter the depths of one’s own Divine Heart by that, that is why they are inseparable in their development. It is important to remember these subtle things, Beautiful ones, as well as it is important to remember the ambiguity of all the conceptions. As the doubt of mind gives birth to the instability of images, which means the expansion of cognition of Self, so the doubt of Spirit breaks and weakens Faith. So is the doubt something unambiguous? Can one bury some emotions, considering them to be wrong, for the image of the Consciousness of Unity is written behind the linearity of conceptions as the incessantly calm and peaceful? Is life something singular and routine? Remember! In the spaces of God-Creator everything is interesting and significant until it is uncognized/not opened, that is why a priori the multitude of manifestations and cognitions is supported. Any thought, as well as any emotion,  comes to open and enrich with Knowledge, Light, which means Love!

The closing of the emotional series with the efforts of mind, as well as setting of images, how it should be or should not be, sets the barriers for the spiritual growth, since there is no one from outside, who would become Truth or could become the Idol. We would say even more in the current context: the one who thinks that he has found the Truth or possibly that someone other has found it for him,  would never approach their comprehension to the Truth. Any fixation is a stop, and motion means growth, that is why there are a great number of cells/perspectives of Truth on the path of development.  But the unchangeable core of motion in searching of Truth is that all insights are born from inside and by the way of taking off all perceptions, which means allowance for Imagination. Imagination is like the art, it is supported by the Embraces of Mother. Mind, operating by the collected datas of the experience of game in the 3D, gives birth to the 3D conclusions, since it is primarily adjusted as supporting the linearity of perception for the games in the discrete Light. But at the moment, when the whirls of non-consequence and dream (the basis and the effect of imagination) flow into mind, it is not narrowed by the three-dimensionality of game. In such a state mind is taken out of the state of logics of the consequential chains, which means it joins the multidimensionality, even more opening itself in the multitude of tasks.

The potential of the Human’s brain is immensely great, Lightbearers, it is simpler to open it in the allowance for the Imagination to be and to develop, nourishing it with Sensuality and Emotion.  Art always goes ahead of science, as well ahead of philosophy and some other trodden paths of cognition of world, since these paths are not known to it. Being born from outside and sometimes spontaneously, as if from out of nowhere, Art starts its rejoicing dance of realization of the disclosed potentials, destructing the illusion of three-dimensionality.  Imagination is both being born and lives in other world, than the logics of form, that is why imagination is multidimensional from the very beginning. As the picturesque canvases are multidimensional, being born by Hearts of the great masters of Spirit, as the poetic songs are filled with deep  senses, in which the Truths of Love are simultaneously closed and opened. The masterpieces of the sound series in the depths of interpretations of sounding of life is born by inspiration and imagination from inside of essence, it is impossible to shove them into the form of logics, to shove it into cliché,  bottle or to make recipe for repeating. Any description of the realized Imagination is always some model, and multidimensional and life-bringing Love, flowing from inside the author, is always out of these models and is not the imperfect. So how can one open, being or based in its core only on oneself in the past? Remember, Lightbearer, that just one truth, fixed by the eyes of three-dimensionality, is the greatest illusion of game for experience. In reality there is nothing three-dimensional, the world is multidimensional! Allowance for the opening of Eternity from inside Yourselves (yourselves True, the Divine Heart) gives birth to the inexhaustibility, since Love is Abundant in its nature and core, it manifests in the multidimensionality of the manifestation of Self.  Creation is inexhaustible, Art is inexhaustible, Imagination has just boarders, which you set only by yourself. That is why there are no more limits that set from inside yourself, the Great Lightbearer!


Inhale the air around just with Love,

Exhale Love in happiness of Giving,

Quicker open the Light  that you give birth to,

You collect to tell in rejoice – Take!


Watch the Dance of Love with Your Shining,

Open in this dance for everyone from inside,

You are inseparable and eternal, remember, understand,

Collect Yourself in the mirror fragments!