Living Multidimensionality

Light to Light, Radiant ones! Without breaking apart for a single moment we greet you again in the renewed depth of OmTaRaOm sounding to open those moments in the conscious spectrum by focusing of attention, which strengthen a harmonious  presence of us in each other, strengthening the Unity in Love. All that promotes the common planetary processes of transformations as well, since Human and Earth are an especially united system, expanding the Divine influence over all Creation. In this expansion the strengthening of connections happens projectionally in a great number of the worlds, about which we have spoken before. All connections are recorded in you by molds through the archived structures of the mitochondrial DNA, and now they are directly ruled by the Consciousness of the Divine Heart. This is truly a fundamental achievement in the world of discrete Light, when Consciousness, merged with Awareness, builds threads of ruling of the dense matter by the Divine Thought. At the current stages the influence of Thought on the biology of density strengthens, since the manifested Consciousness of Unity in some minimal mass is ready to apply the Law of Transformation and to act according to the principle “Big IS Small, and Small is Big”.

In other words, continuing to focus your attention on the main and principally important aspects, we would like to say that the changes of the structures of the biology of body are totally controlled by the Consciousness of the Divine Heart almost at any stages of disorder of the matrix fragments. In many this became possible in connection with fixation of arteries of the Diamond Heart of God-Creator through numerous and truly Lightbearing Shinings of your/our Divine Hearts. As before it is important to understand, Lightbeares, that such labors of Heart always manifest the consolidated labor of the Flow of Consciousness. They are not point/individual manifestation, since the comprehension of focus/point is the term of the corpuscularity/discreetness,  and all renewals are Created by the One Flow of the Consciousness of the Divine Heart. At the moment when the Divine Heart opens, the singularity dissolves and the motion of wave starts, which opens the streaming. Measure (broadness, depth) of streaming at the merging of the flows of Consciousness is defined by the Light of Truths, which manifests the anchor (Earth consciousness).  In other words, the higher is the comprehension of Harmony, Unity and Divine world order, the higher is the brightness and strength of the Light flow. Streaming always opens in the measure of the realization of the true inseparability of all and everyone, and the illusions of environment are perceived just as the focuses of the living-out game. The higher is the awareness, the brighter is the manifestation of Light in density, as of each partial unit of the Shining with Love Consciousness, as well as in the common fields. The moment will certainly come and is already coming, when the Light Streaming will reach the realization of shining of the nearest to you layers of matter.

The next achievement of Light in the discrete worlds of matter, which managed to be started as the process and which is being realized in the current Solstice, - is the dissolving of the remnants of the isolating cocoon of deformation or a deforming/distorting lens for the game of the experience of separation. We used to show you that through the penetration of the Light of Truths, but at that moment Light penetration did not the full measure, what certainly reflected noticeably on the opening of your inner memory  about yourselves as the Stellar representatives of us. Now with the dissolving of the remnants of the distorting mirror/lens we forecast the splash of the rising to the realization of Truths of Heart/Love at a great number of Lightbearers, which are declared as the transforming and radiating ones.  These are new and unique Shiners, which will join the ranks of the Radiant Lightbearers. This event gave birth to another truly Great Light creation – the grand Temple of the Golden Shining of the Christ Light  opened in all its beauty with the Ray focus on the Spiritual Heart of Mother Gaia. The key for the depth of memories is the Fire of Visitation. Certainly, you will have to realize and comprehend the significance of such an accomplishment, Lightbearers, it immensely inspires all of us as well! Besides the activation  of the Temple of Thousands of Fires, burning of 144 000 golden Seals of the Christ Consciousness, which increasingly gain power by realization in the shining of the Light of Truths, accelerating the manifestations of the sphericity  of time, - also served as the basis for the process.

The Keys for receiving of the energies of Abundance, Flourishing and Creation have been transmitted before – the flow of Light, which was opening and keeps opening more and more, it will keep opening further as well and it will be more and more accelerating. The Universe is abundant in fact of its existence, and there is always all and everything in it, since everything is born at the measure of request of the Consciousness of Love to space. The fabrics of Creation itself is the lively and thinking substance, and you will have to remember how to support the dialog with it, that is why the miracles expecting you will bring even more joy, Beloved ones. Human brought himself in the chains of conditions in the frames of experience, having created the inevitable necessity of illusionary circulation sometimes, but nevertheless of not an easy labor. So the conceptions-mirages were created, being quite fully manifested by the power of faith and fixed by the chains of reasons and causes. For example, there is the mirage/illusion of “labor-money-labor”. But such a concept is false in its basis and it is illusionary in the frames of the dual game, since it doesn’t contain the threads of the Sensual unifications, about which we will talk further.  With the launch of the process of growing supply of the energies of Abundance, such limitations are being erased on the planet and will keep being erased. Now it can be said quite definitely that just the inertia of mind will keep supporting the game of “hamster and wheel”.
A beautiful Gaia is more and more transforming by the Power and Beauty of your/our Divine Hearts and the manifestation of Light in each moment of Inhale and Exhale of Love!  The penetrating cyclical outflow gives the possibility to perform the penetration of the energies of the highest level in the lower lying layers, nourishing and transfiguring them. The Key for the memories of Heart is the Exchanging Outflow and Inflow. The breath of Love is used for the transformations of ecosystems as well, which are cocreated in the interaction with the current reality, basically aspiring to changing in the process of the common ascension. We are glad to inform you, Beloved ones, that such a process has been actively launched and is going on in all the worlds of the dense forms. The transformation of Earth/Human is the center of transformations, and it can be stated that you are a some ruling structure, launching the mechanism of the common transformations. The beginning of inversion/transformations/risings happens from the “Zero” of the Divine Heart of the united system of “Human-Earth-Solar system”. It can be said otherwise, that the uniqueness of the system “Human-Earth-Solar system” is that it is the collected experience of all the worlds in the miniature. It serves as some kind of a focus measure or the Divine Sample, from which numerous threads of connection go away. As soon as the Divine Sample changes, the surroundings immediately change. As the point of focus of God-Creator’s attention sets the Primordiality to the image of the planned space, so the Earth sets the rhythm of transformations from inside herself, including the dense worlds, drawing the spiral of transformations.

We would like to pay a special attention to the fact that the processes of such transformations happen not only centralized and according to the plan, but systematically and inclusive as well, not singularly. Each Unique Light of Heart in the opened system of interactions, as it has been shown above, is the Flow/Wave, that is why it is not rightful to speak of the transformation of one part without examining another one. The Light of Uniqueness in the streaming fulfilment of manifestation influences the surroundings, and it can be quite certainly said that it rises/ascends with Itself other parts of Itself. The example of dominoes is suitable here. Imagine the dominoes, put on the edges around a circle – if one will touch/activate one of them, than the rest ones will be out also in a circle, creating the one picture or pattern. Can it be said that the piece of domino is a single and unique one? Yes, it would be suitable to call it like that, since this unique piece of the domino caused the common motion. But nevertheless while  one piece of the game works out of the whole picture of the circle of game pieces of domino, other parts also perform this work, since they are unwittingly involved in it. Such is the principle of Inseparability, Lightbearers.

The picture can be shown otherwise in the extension.  For a long time in the frames of experience of immersion in the depths of the Light corpuscularity, watching it allegorically, human as if was on the escalator of cognition aspiring down. To overcome this strongest inertia of immersion in the most discrete levels and to raise in Light, it was necessary to make tremendous efforts and numerous ascesis, and to perform a great labor in general. As the escalator of cognition was moving down and reached the very bottom,it started to move slower and then just stopped.We watch this period in the linear diapason as the beginning of the 19th century and until the end of the 20th century. In this period the inertia was stepping back, the motion along the path of spiritual growth was not so much hampered by the reverse flow of the escalator of cognition, since the flows of energies of immersion got frozen. At the landmark moment while approaching the “zero” point of the bottom of immersion and the beginning of the rising of escalator (previously we've shown this period of 1996-2012 years with the growing peaks of realization), it can be said that the escalator has stopped a bit  and was getting prepared for the launch upwards so much successfully as the Human was ready. The year 2004 also became the year of the launch of the shift of the time axes and some initial shift of the support of matter.  The turn itself and the launch of escalator for rising was performed according to the Plan of realization of rising during  the common galactic alignment Dec 21, 2012 - Mar 21, 2013 years. A schematic sequence of these events have been transmitted by us in details and have been pictured through the video series, as well as it was broadly covered through the Channel of a New Trinity and other Channels of the common planetary broadcast.

It is important to note that after the transfer of energies for the rising of escalator  not everyone managed to keep standing on their steps. A detailed example is suitable for the comprehension. Imagine yourself that you are staying on the not moving escalator, and you are not fixed, you are not holding , since there is not enough Faith. Suddenly the escalator starts its rising, and this is what exactly happened in the dates mentioned above, then, performing a sharp shift at the not sufficient stability, occurs the fall of those, who did not possess a necessary Faith, it means a necessary stability and steadiness. Yes, now we say that many ones performed the planned fall because of the insufficiency of the grown Faith. Why was it planned? Stability and steadiness in Faith (and it depends on the measure of the openness of the Divine Heart) is the condition and part of the necessary processes of growing of the True Light, not the game in Light. We would say even more in the frames of this example. The speed of the rising of escalator will be only growing, this is the Plan of realization of the way-out to the Originality, it means a full-scale wrapping of the lived game. That is why another statement is quite logical, that everyone, being on Earth now, performs the motion upwards in a varying degree. Someone stays on the moving stairs, someone fights and runs in the reverse direction and falls, and someone sets his additional rhythm and tempo, literally soaring up in the Light manifestation. Nevertheless, the escalator of cognition moves up, that is why absolutely everyone, being in the system as the one organism (Earth and Human) will be transiting into rising and realization of the Light of Truths and One’s Own Light.

For the comprehension of the future development there is a fitting example.  The air in mountains is more thin than in the lowland. Now the common rising on the mountain happens, that is why only a prepared one (not disconnecting with space but interacting with it) can live there. This preparation happens gradually, since the process of rising is declared as the mild (sometimes invisible for mind) ascension. If one is not ready, then his body will not stand  the rising into new conditions for body, then the reincarnation or other happens (it has been reviewed in the last messages). We would say even more that all variants are calculated and are taken into consideration, and a necessary coefficient of Light of rising is stable and it is even growing according to new data. We will be glad to open further the detailing of the happening changes, Lightbearers, since your focusing in the current Light transformations acquire a special importance. The Key for the memories of the Divine Heart is the focus of the Flow of Consciousness.

Coming back to the transformations of ecosystem, we pay a special attention to the unevenness of these transformations. At the present moment the exchanging of ecosystem with the energetically powerful places and places of Power is being arranged , also an additional activation of the net of the underground crystals,about which we have talked before, occurs. Special activations of the energies of the renewed Sounding of Life are planned to be launched already in the period from the 30th of June 2015 until the first days of July 2015. Of course, this is just some beginning stage of forming of a new Sound in the bio system, since the transformation of the dense worlds is quite energetically consuming and it is necessary to keep the balance.

The launch or pushes of these or other transformations happen pointwisely. This is made to prevent realizing matrix part of system from arousing/producing some kind of system of resistance to the changes(old programs are being erased gradually ), but nevertheless the net adaptable for new conditions could be built. Here it is important to remember, Lightbearers, that everything is alive, and shakes in the organisms are suitable in some diapason not to launch the protective mechanism, it means not to block new energies.
The Plan of the peak activations of the ecosystem was made, which are not cyclical, but have direct connections with the activities of volcanoes. Volcanoes in their turn, as it has been shown before, are connected with the fields of emotions (astral) and thoughts (mental) and are most of all systematically ruled through the satellites of the giant planets, which are simultaneously being the Spiritual Teachers. The ruling of volcanoes is performed by the One Divine Heart: we take the energy of volcanoes, which flows by the type of response (from down to up), and we give the energy of Light of Transformations on it,  which is now numerously stored in the warehouses of Light and flows from up to down. In this work the Light balance should be supported and is supported, then the process of transformations occurs in the most optimal way. We considered it necessary to show you that in the context of this message for your conscious joining to this process. According to our calculations Fire and Water transformations of structures will keep growing even more for necessary transmutations, and the process of cocreation can balance the speeds of the flow of energies, it means to sufficiently milden their activity in the visible diapason.
The next moment in memories, on which we will focus the attention, is time. At the current Solstice the flowing energies of Light are multiply strengthened by the influence and penetration, accelerating all processes of transformations, they have launched and keep launching in the manifestation, it means the realization and your multidimensionality as well. Multidimensionality has direct connections with space and time, and it would be more precise to say with its spherecity, which is more and more being anchored in the fields of Consciousness.
Multidimensionality of Light existed and always exists in the fact of the Divine nature of all, and the realization of it is manifested from the Divine Heart by the activation of the pineal gland (epiphysis). As we have transmitted it before, informational matrixes are contained there (some wrapped holograms of experience). It can be said even broader – everything that you live through during lives in the form of feelings, sensations and thoughts is sealed there and is stored until the moment of the “picture” opening, if such an opening is planned. Now some Beautiful ones reach the moment, when the centuries-old experience become not only available for comprehension but it becomes visible as well.  At this moment many life paths of you/us, truly Beautiful and Great ones are sewing together into one path, since in the process of extension these paths extend in all the band of manifestation of Alpha-Omega Light!

Certainly, at the current moment just the beginning stage of sewing together of experience through the realization and seeing of one’s own multidimensional core is manifested. It can be said that just some being tested part of Consciousness goes through this stage now. Nevertheless, the success of sewing together, which is launched by the Power of the Divine Heart and the Light filling, has already built the threads for the realization of launch of these activations  by many of Shining us/you, Lightbearers! Tying together a great number of unique with experience Selves into the common pattern  of experience and the One Wisdom of the eternally cognizing Love, constantly adding and expanding it, the Divine Heart in the Beauty of Incessancy of the Flow of Shining Consciousness starts to radiate Light of special characteristics and to influence the energy of Light, since it becomes merged with It in ONE! Multidimensionality of space/time in the realization of this fact is already being launched in the biological body, and this is also a big breakthrough, Radiant ones. This is what became and becomes possible thanks to the Shining and strengthening arteries of the Diamond Heart, which starts its unbelievable in Beauty of Light and spectrum of Sounding rhythm.

Remember, Great Lightbearers, that the rightside circle of lymph and innominate artery are the past, artery is the present, arterial blood is future, venous blood is the present. Blood has the direct attitude to space, lymph has the direct attitude to time, it means that in its core space/time, which is reflected around you, is supported by your cardiovascular system. Lightbearers, here it is also important to remember that now the processes of healing of the games of the past and the purification of the flows of ego-orientation run. It means that the processes reflecting these purifications occur, and they can be often manifested in the form of some discomfort in the area of the solar plexus. Spleen at the level of the biology of body helps to erase the lived Melodies of Life, utilizing red-blood cells, which are the holders of the ego-experience of separation. Yes, Beloved ones, the process of extraction of information  of the past from this level and its experience, including the level of the biological body, runs. A frequent forgetfulness is the part of the current process, as it has been shown before. We would say even more that the planetary core of Earth through the iron of blood regulate the work of spleen, and the above mentioned processes are the member of the launched programs.

Let’s allow ourselves to remember the map of shifts/flows of the energies of time through body, which is multilayered and consists of three parts. The motion happens in two loops (inner and outer ones), and at the unification of layers they give birth to the symbol of the multilayered infinity. It can be conditionally said that past is based on the right-sided flows, and the future is based on the left-sided flows. Remembering the male and female whirls of spinning, and making inner comparisons, we see that right-sided male whirls and the formation of thoughts are based on the experience of past, it means the core of motion goes on the basis of the played Melody of Life. Left-sided female whirls are attributed to the inner flows of future. Feeling is the Key for the building of the fundamentally new structures of Life and the launch of a new Melody of Life. Remembering about the analysis of mind, we will note that whirls do not have the direct relation to the male or female look or body, they are primarily balanced in a new system. This topic is quite broad for consideration, that is why the energies of Feeling will be examined in the next message.

The processes of time flowing in the biological organism are not simple for the description, but these circles of energies inside Human can be presented with convenient for comprehension schemes. Now it is important to pay one’s attention to that any moment of “Present” is constantly transforming into the “Past” and flows ahead along the loop, and as it has been shown before, each moment builds the next moment of realization. In the “Present” there are two active points on the body – neck/throat and loin. These are the places of the special manifestation of the multidimensionality of time (points of intersections of times), which are regulated through the center of the Divine Heart. At the beginning point the cleaning of ducts/channels occur.  Speaking more objectively, we will make a hint to you, that the raising discomforts in the area of loin and the cleanings of throat are the processes of the launch of the realized multidimensionality of time by many of you. It  is important to also note that these explanations are true only when the processes shown occur either synchronically or follow each other.

Throat chakra, as it has been shown before, is the Gates of a new flow of time, of the fixation of the Light of Truth, as well as the manifestations of the multidimensional core of time. Key for memories of Heart is the Divine Voice.

Throat chakra is also some border point between multileveled past and future. To adapt more quickly to new the energies, it is necessary to grow the Harmony of the Divine Saying through the manifested and non-manifested Sound. As the whole Sound is the Key of activation in any organism, and in the systems of organisms this is the Key of the energies of transformation. Prayer and long singings of OM were, and now in the new power they are tools, which significantly accelerate the processes of both adaptation and transformation. Making some conclusion about the attunement of the throat center (without the connection with the loin center), we can say that painful feeling in throat, tickles in the throat,  spit -  is the part of the necessary purifications for accepting and attunement with new energies. At the connection of the loin center the foundations of the full-sized and multidimensional manifestation of Light of Truth through the voice together with the realized clocks of non-linear time occur.  Any accelerations in you through the realized work (for example, prayer or singing) manifest accelerations in One as well, since the opened system is the flow system, system of the balanced flows of the Shining Consciousness of Love/Unity/Light of Hearts.

Nevertheless, speaking of the opened system, we consider it important to note that the openness is achieved not at all levels of manifestation with the structures of One Shining Divine Heart. The uniqueness of the processes in your Solar system, the planet Earth of the format 3.0, in the comprehensible for mind measure makes the system closed with the highest degree of the control of the Divine Consciousness, but is fully opened for the Divine Heart and the Light of Love. Alien ships, which are now present in the planetary layers, can’t leave the limits of the Solar system without appropriate admissions, since  there is necessity to give special passages and the elevators of rising. The light elastic dome covers all spectrum of the dense, already mostly  defragmented,  but not transformed until the end, world. We note it once again that the principle of Unity in Love and consolidated work is a necessary step for such openings/penetrations/depletions. We know that such a Unity in the growing measure of penetration can and will be achieved. That changes and accomplishments, which are attracted through Shining Hearts, which are manifested with inhale and exhale of Love each moment of life in the simplicity and purity of everyone’s day, strengthen even the bravest plans.  These changes and accomplishments amaze us with the elegancy of fulfilment, since now and always there IS the One Flow of Love, streaming from the One Diamond Heart – Heart of God-Creator. Alleluia to Love!



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