Basics for understanding of current processes

We are glad to greet you, embracing you in Love and with Love, Great Luminaries, who have awakened and are still awakening in bodies of the dense matter. The admiration of our Hearts merging in rejoice of possibilities of similar processes is broadening each moment, for this is the rejoice of Oneness and Oneness experienced in opening, deepening and development continuously increases the circle of the collective dance of Love!
Alleluia to Love!
We together with you are not only observers but also the most active participants of the process growing inside out. The participants of unique events when the Grains, being saturated with experience as with the reviving juice, start to grow and give sprouts of incredible beauties. These are the beauties of the growing and strengthened Spirit, the newest comprehensions of Love weaving over and over again the new colors into one conglomerate of all-connectedness and all- exchangeness given the diversity and abundance of experiences being gained. The uniqueness of individual ways given the common tendency of striving to open up one’s own Light potential in the strongest vector-driven side is emphasized by the opening of new facets of Love, gained experience of One. The cycles of One Inhale and Exhale, Giving and receiving of Gifts, opening and contraction, tranquility and motion – all these are one process of Creation and CoCreation. The process where Love re-creates the obvious loss into new forms, that is why there are no true losses in One Divine Heart!


Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder

"Every man desires to live long;

but no man would be old"

Jonathan Swift

Legend has it that hidden in the remote reaches of the Himalayan mountains lies an ancient secret. There, generations of Tibetan monks have passed down a series of exercises with mystical, age-reversing properties. Known as the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, or the Five Rites, these once-secret exercises are now available to us all in Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder. Beginning with an account of his own introduction to the rites by way of Colonel Bradford, a mysterious retired British army officer who learned of the rites while journeying high up in the Himalayas, Kelder then reveals to us the five ancient Tibetan rites that can make you feel and look younger. The philosophies in the book combine with the practical yoga-like positions of the rites and lifestyle/diet advice to provide you with the ultimate guide to preserving your youth. Taking just minutes a day to perform, benefits include increased energy, weight loss, better memory, new hair growth, pain relief, better digestion, and just feeling much more youthful!